Jan. 2016 - Post Election Jab!

I've been laughing my buns off lately, specifically since seeing early December's installment of our local bird cage liner, known as the Weekly Post. (P.S. if the new owners of the Weekly Post would like to have a proof reader, just give me a call...hint...you need a proof reader.)

What am I talking about?

I'm referring to the fact that for the first time in the history of print media involving this end of Stanly County, the typically glorious swearing-in ceremony article covering new and returning Stanfield Town Councilmen...Did Not include a single picture of the Carpet Baggers in question, not a single image, nadda!

Obviously, it remains our opinion that every one of these egomaniacs thinks they're better than the rest of us. Each shows a high level of self-importance and unwarranted grandeur and they love to sit around basking in the reflective glory of each other as they remind us of all they have done for Stanfield! (more like done-to)

So why no pictures?

Because they know I have a method of capturing those images (even from a newspaper) and would then proceed to Photoshop the dog snot out of them...hahaha.

Yes, we have truly arrived here at StanfieldPress.com, because we are able to make even lovers of self run like pigs from a gun, when a camera comes out!

Sure, there was all sorts of the usual talk about how each one is an excellent cook, kisser and church-going man (if you overlook the other 6 days of the week)....but no Pictures.

Now that's funny!

I Told You So!

They sure didn't waste a moment backing away from pre-election promises...

* (Promises that were apparently empty suggestions they had zero intentions of honoring.)

You see, the requirement to tap on within 300 feet of the sewer lines or to pay a monthly fee if you don't (money paid for nothing in return), has many locals upset and rightfully so, because it even applies to vacant lots and pastures! So, we feel that the pre-election suggestions and swirling rumors about this scam of a fee going away - was simply a way to keep the heat off the Incumbents running for re-election. It remains our opinion that every single one of these guys on the Stanfield Town Council is not only unqualified to govern, but that each one is a lying scumbag, some are worse than others, but still each and every one is just as useless as tits on a Boar.

Yes, that annoying tax (which is basically what it is) requires anyone half way near the Town's sewer lines to pay a monthly fee (tapped on or not), will remain on the books after all. If these crapheads had stashed 1/2 the money that they've pretty much stolen over the years from Stanfield tax payers (see the 6 cent tax scam link on this website's main page), none of this would be necessary at all. However, after wasting almost $50,000 on a cool-guy utility truck (when they could have bought a perfectly good used one), the powers that be are now saying they can't afford to drop this fee and the Mafia level bucks that it's bringing in. But then they turn around and do one better - they are now saying that 'maybe this fee' isn't something they could drop even if they wanted to. The translation of that (if you're being nice about it) is simply an excuse to keep taking the money and color the whole thing in such a way that it doesn't come up again. So, when you see one of these 6 SumBitches out walking around, pull them off to the side and ask them 'What the Hell?' - but as if you were going to a water balloon throwing contest - be sure to have a clear piece of plastic large enough to keep you dry, because if they answer you at all, it will be gold plated B.S. that you're going to get hit with. Hey, but you dingbats voted for them and even if you didn't vote - you still voted by not coming out in large enough numbers to override their army Lemmings. Luckily, most of the Incumbents and their supporters are older than dirt and will go paws up like cockroaches soon enough.

We found a video of some of Stanfield's active Registered Voters and will share it with you now.

October 4th - Stanly News & Press - Candidates Article.

By StanfieldPress Editor (Brian Webb), My Opinion and Review of all things considered:

Well, it looks like the General Media (old media) is giving my "Make Them Live Right" angle some press time and I'm sure the Scallywags running Stanfield are less than thrilled.

It's a real shame that what we mainly see are the morally-flexible  types trying to get into or stay in office? This is obviously a National Level Problem, but all politics start at the local level, so take notice, get involved and stay involved. This 'who is running things' situation will not change without folks like myself (Brian Webb) and many of you, taking a stand!

My running for Town Council - Is not payback for some grudge (as they would like to suggest),

it is because while being forced to deal with an attempted dirty payback situation created by Jason 'Slugfoot/Craphead' Smith and allowed by the others, I got a first hand look at just who was in charge around here. Even the 'Professing to be Religious' men on the current Town Council aren't worth a plug nickel, once you look behind the curtain at their reportedly seedy private, sexual, former employment, family and business lives.

Maybe it's a power seeking, low self-esteem compensation, control freak angle that draws them into a desire to gain control of your lives. Or could it be for the Glory of an egocentric, possibly medicated wife, who thinks she is a KingMaker, that draws them into wanting into Government roles? Then again, maybe it's the special favors, Mayor approved State of Grace (such as Jason Smiths arrangement, reportedly) or the Pay to Play kickbacks that so many have suggested to me? All of which has surfaced since I started taking a serious look into Our Local Syndicate, the garbage they have pulled and the many people they have mistreated.

Now, let's touch upon a few things that need to be taken into account:

Some of this is now older news, so I'll make what follows a shorter version, but it's still just as important to know. The current Town Council is part of and apparently are O.K. with the fact that...

Item A) A 2 year only (temporary) Fire Tax added in 2005 for an extra 8 cents per thousand property tax - actually ran for an extra 8 years. This means that based on what the extra tax was intended to cover ($93,000 owed for Locust Based Fire Protection) has raised that much or more (every year) for 8 years longer than promised or intended. Therefore, I would suggest that we are looking at approx $700,000.00 extra that the Town Government was never intended to have, which is why I call it a theft of money from the tax payers. As a grand gesture (election time), these bums now say we can have back 6 cents of that. Whoopty-doo, that still means they will continue to steal the other 2 cents per thousand! Item A above and Item B and C below - are what are called a Fleece Job and we are the sheep being fleeced.

Item B) Back in approx 2007, after previous Administrations had fought to maintain control of Stanfield tax payer funded water and backflow meters, Mayor Barbee and his Bandits caved in and GAVE it all away to the County. The Towns water meters and associated valves cost Stanfield Tax payers $133,000.00, it was OUR STUFF, we paid and continue to pay for that debt on these items. Meaning, on top of the 6 cent tax scam, these turkeys have cost us an additional $133,000.00 more, yet they still preen and pose, as if they are Good Fellas who are 'Looking out for Us'...yeah, right. The above 2 items are either ignored (because we all know stuff you ignore goes away, right?), lied about or spun so fast that what you end up with is simply more lies within additional lies, kind of like a Russian doll, one inside the other. This is why I stated in my Candidate Interview with the Newspaper, that in my opinion, all these guys are either Crooks or Liars. The money that has been flying out the window, in my opinion, has been frittered away on Fru-Fru and window dressing, with Larry 'Mysterious Job Loss' Sides saying we should blow even more on the Town's Park, in the same October 4th Stanly News & Press article.

We also have the Mayor's disgusting and totally corrupt Friends of Friends Network:

Where you are allowed to opt out of being forced onto the Sewer System (and even escaping fees for doing so), you can burn all the junk you want, stinking up the Town at night (sometimes during the day) and you aren't even made to install a tall smoke stack, when the State or EPA would make you do so. What are some other examples of this Friends Network?...According to the ticket writing Officer, Jason Smith has been allowed to get out of 4 tickets over the years, the total 'points costs' being enough to cost him his Drivers License. More than a few others can beat the snot out of their wife, yet the local Cops won't write it up, or they soft sell the reports contents. Still others have had monthly Service and Administration fees removed from their bills, but you and I still have to pay them, it just goes on and on and on, but the worst part is you (Stanfieldians) have allowed it!

What about my Food Bank Suggestion?

Don't be fooled one minute that a so called non-profit 'charitable organization' isn't in fact profitable, these non-profit organizations can keep up to 48% of what comes in (money for nothing, since everything is given to them, then resold.) This is why I suggested a Town Sponsored Food Bank (zero profit) in the Oct 4th Stanly News & Press article. A food bank with neighbors helping neighbors, plus what's wrong with having 2 places locals can go for assistance? Home ownership is at it's lowest since 1964, income wages are still stuck back in the late 1970's, when inflation is factored in and 50 Million households are on Food Stamps, many being good folks who just need some help, others are just milking the system. The Baltic Dry Index, which monitors the movement of Industrial and Commercial goods is falling, because we are not in a true economic recovery and just about all the U.S. makes anymore is Fighter Jets and hamburgers. From Target to HP Computers, even Walmart, thousands of layoffs have been announced. I think some folks are going to need a legitimate helping hand in the coming years.

The Sewer System:

We all have to flush, so I am not diametrically opposed to modern infrastructure - what I don't like is the Power of Government forced tap-on that is required by Stanfield (for those within the service area) and yet another forced fee for those with perfectly good septic tanks who opt out on the sewer. Both types of Sewer fees have been massaged repeatedly, usually to a higher rate. Then there is the fact that 2 of the 5 voting Council Members (+ the Mayor himself) aren't even on the sewer themselves. If we have Stanfield based neighborhoods who want Town Sewer Service, let them vote on it, even if it's just a casual mail-in vote, but it shouldn't be forced onto folks. You also have to consider some additional tasty tid-bits, such as the fact that we (as a Town) basically operated our Sewer System illegally - meaning that for over a year, we did not have anyone on Town Staff properly qualified to sign off on Required State Forms, etc. We are also using some of the cheapest grinder pumps available - meaning not all critical parts are metal, some are plastic. You can chalk that one up to ole Glitterbug Barbee, since as the Commissioner in charge of that aspect, he went cheap, doing so right before he got his panties in a wad and quit the Town Council in a huff, years ago. Having the money or paying for a Town Wide sewer system should be a non-issue with all the extra cash flowing in from the 8 extra years of Fire Tax mentioned above, now you want to let these Chuckleheads have another run at expansion, these guys could screw up a one car funeral. You need new people running things!

I would suggest 2 things that NEED to be done:

(# 1) A full outside audit performed by someone (with a badge/State Level) able to get all the numbers and not just what is supplied and able to do something about any wrongdoing that is discovered. An audit performed by one of your Lemmings using only stuff you doctor up and hand them, is Not a Proper Audit. If no wrongdoing is found, then we can start fresh and only spend money that we need to and then do so very carefully. I have No Doubt that Epic Levels of B.S. has been going on behind the curtain, no doubt.

(# 2) Stanfieldians simply must get involved, you need to come to the meetings, ask questions, hold these guys accountable and learn how to say no or at least take them to task. In my opinion, none of the current Councilmen have any business running a fruit stand, much less an actual Town, making choices that effect over 1,500 residents, while costing them way more money in fees and taxes that a small rural town should cost to live in.

Item C) We have a less than professional police department that doesn't seem to be around much. I guess in an emergency you could head over to Locust and try to find one of our guys, but when seconds count, shouldn't they be right here in town, all shift long, as they are paid to be? Therefore, blowing tens of thousands of dollars on the Stanfield Police Department is a situation of Diminishing Returns and represents nothing more than additional waste.

For Example: The Town recently spent approx $40,000 buying up the old Tax Accountants building next to the Police Department and will blow at least that much getting this 'tear down grade' building up to specs, then handing that renovation job to Friends of Friends Network members, including a particular Councilman...Hmmm, vote in an unnecessary  purchase and then give yourself a job fixing it up, that turned out to be a 'smooth deal' for Jerry 'A Bridge to Nowhere' Williams. Then we have the new 'extra snarky' police car (with yet another one planned) with more lights on them than a Griswold Family Christmas Tree. The make and model being garbage (compared to other choices available), as anyone who has ever owned or worked on Chrysler/Dodge products can tell you. Somewhere in America, there is a Crack-Whore with a stolen Platinum VISA card using better judgement on extravagant purchases. During the discussions over the first of these two planned 'extra snarky' patrol cars -  Greg Lucas - mentioned paying for it all out of separate account XYZ, indicating there is a alternate Super Secret Santa Account that the Town maintains, might this be where a wad of the improperly raised $700,000.00 plus money ended up? Is this an account the Tax Payers of Stanfield understand and know to exist, after all, it's OUR money? I spoke to someone who witnessed first person - Greg Lucas indicating the existence of this 2nd account, saying there was no need to go into special-session in order to discuss funding for the 1st new patrol car, we can pay for it out of XYZ (slush fund?) account. I was not surprised to hear this, since Greg Lucas has become notorious for shooting his mouth off before he thinks. Examples would be - the above situation, among others, things he has said to me in person about property owners vs renters, that obviously sounded better in his head and of course the 'maybe we should do away with alcohol sales' comments from months back. The Greg Lucas comments about alcohol sales being made off the cuff with him apparently not realizing (until he was told) that the lost revenue (even if these guys were honest about such things) would cost operating capitol and employee wages, generated by such alcohol based tax income. If the current members of Town Government are allowed to stay in much longer, half or more of us may find ourselves cooking over a trash can fire! So yes, throw the bums out, this time, next time and every time. Failure to do so will leave idiots running things, corrupt idiots at that. Get Informed, Get Involved and Stay Involved and if you agree with me, get out and vote. Nothing will change without you also standing up!


Why the Stanfield Police Department should be disbanded.

I have stated this many times before and will do so yet again.

On more than one occasion - I have seen the Stanfield Police Department act for the direct benefit of what I refer to as our local Priest Class, also known as...

(Mayor Barbee, the Town Council & select Friends.)

Blatant examples of this are numerous, but a few would be the several times that I asked for a Police Report to be taken 'with just cause' against a member of Mayor Barbee's tribe with less than crowd pleasing results.

Suddenly camera and recording devices fail, even though they are new, dates get messed up and the ad-libbed details emanating from the seemingly room temperature I.Q. of the responding officer aren't quite right, thereby basically nullifying said report, due to bad information contained therein.

If you manage to get a hard copy of said Police Report, the details seem fuzzy or even missing entirely, to the point that a casual observer might walk away still not knowing exactly who was on first base, or what it was all about, etc. So, I can assure you that unless the cop in question was in fact a moron, all the above was in fact intentional.

I have seen and heard of numerous official Stand-downs of the Stanfield Police Department when it involved acts committed by 'protected members' or children of protected members.

Is that really a system that you want to live under? A system where the Cops ask themselves

(is this going to screw my job up) versus doing the right thing and on an equal basis towards all.

Examples of stand-downs and/or selective enforcement = the night I was robbed of over $200.00 worth of campaign signs back in 2013 (the stealing of which is an arrestable offense) they did not investigate or drive around, they sat and sat and sat, until dawn and shift change came.

Other examples would be the night that Jason 'Slugfoot/Craphead' Smith drove drunk as a skunk up a one way street (going the wrong way) and crashing his car, yet it never even got written up. Town Council members have also gotten their locally issued Driving Violation Tickets vanished, poof, gone bye-bye, as if they never happened. This same Police Department is usually missing in action, probably screwing off over in Locust or sitting at home dusting off a bag of Cheetos, instead of being on patrol, as they should be. You barely ever saw these guys in action prior to me making a Federal case out of it within the 80+ pages of StanfieldPress.com. We have spent (excuse me, I mean totally wasted) an estimated $400,000.00 in just over a year on these guys for cars, guns, extra space and God only knows what else. It looks like a bad remake of the movie Brewster's Millions!

Therefore, it is self evident to me that a morally-flexible City Hall would of course have co-conspirator cops in their employ - it's like syrup and pancakes - they just go together.

I'm not just reflecting upon my personal experiences and examples of local corruption here, I am also reflecting upon what others have told me, better men than any of them, not dregs of society types or troublemakers, but good current and even former Stanfieldians who were targeted by the Mayor's Praetorian Guard also known as The Stanfield Police Department.

The Stanfield Police Department is a highly refined example of wasted money, yet the band plays on. A Police Department that in my opinion is used as a blunt instrument against the enemies and for the benefit and glory of our local Priest Class types...and those are some Damn Good Reasons to disband it.

Ma & Pa Kettle say - Throw The Bums Out!

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