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ALERT! is Intended to be FUNNY !!!
...Real News & Views....but told in an Entertaining way...

Yes, a lot of my work here at StanfieldPress includes Opinions about people that

I actually do totally despise or have recently lost all respect for.

And...many times it turns out that I'm simply saying what many others are already thinking.


As the Owner & Editor of this website:

If I see or hear about some Crapola going on in the Stanfield area, I will check it out and report on it!

That Report will obviously include the use of mild to extreme levels of Humor & Sarcasm.

  It's all Quite Fun, but I can't believe I'm having to explain this to some of you guys.

Most of you have figured this out without it being explained...


  Some of you don't understand, so you take the name calling and the humor the wrong way.

Honest to God, I have met some Folks around here that simply do not have a sense of humor at all

and those people are the ones that I just won't be able to help.


Even though I only report on stuff that I'm pretty damn sure is true & accurate, I do so using

Satire (Humor & Joking Around) on top of my 1st Amendment Rights (Free Speech)

in order to cover my ass.

When the people I decide to pounce on also happen to be Public Figures

(something they decide to be by choice)

It leaves them open to being Picked On over & above what a private individual would be subjected to.

The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live & MAD Magazine

Are all perfect examples of the very same things that I do here at

So, lighten up, relax and pretend the folks I'm picking on are someone you also couldn't care less about! Enjoy! 

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