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Come Back Here Meal Ticket!

Why You Shouldn't Get Married ~started November 7th 2018.

This new section will be of little help to you already married guys, you know who you are, you're the poor bastards who lay down at night next to your now fat ass wife and cry yourself to sleep.

Sure, some of you are completely resigned to your fate, but us unmarried guys know that you pray for death daily.

If we need your balls, they are either in your wife's purse or the refrigerator,

your life, freedom and money are all gone.

* Married men die first...because they want to!

* 80% of Divorces are initiated by the wife.

* Risk of ending up Divorced in your 1st marriage is 51%

* Risk of ending up Divorced in your 2nd marriage is 62%

* Risk of ending up Divorced in your 3rd marriage is 74%

(?) Would you use a parachute with these published failure rates to jump out of a plane?

* State by State (with few exceptions) there are 151 PRO woman (Divorce related) laws protecting women and ZERO specific to men.

At any time, your now fat wife can simply wake up and decide she isn't happy or doesn't love you anymore and there goes your kids and at least 1/2 your money!'s mostly thanks to the No-Fault Divorce laws passed in the 1960's.

The Government (the ultimate Sugar Daddy to all women), will come down on the side of the female almost every time, which is why 85% + of the time, the wife gets child custody.

Women suffer from what is called Hypergamy, which is the biologically driven desire to 'Marry Up' and even after they have married, many women are still looking to monkey-branch to a 'better deal' - so you will always be under constant threat of getting your heart ripped out by way of your ass.

It's so bad nowadays that women/wives are more likely to cheat on their spouse than men are!

Add in the fact that the average woman has had many lovers before you (resulting in difficulty pair bonding) and that you can never make them happy or for very long and getting married is a bad deal for the male counterpart.

No, I'm not married and I have no plans to do so.

Oh, sure...if the ground splits open and God himself says "This is the ONE for you Bubba" - then I might consider it, key word being - might.

* Every dude I knew growing up is now divorced, that's a 100% failure rate.

But, why are things getting so bad? That's the reason for this new section of

Am I worried about offending anyone? Hmm, if you ask that, you obviously aren't a regular reader of this site. For I am 4th Generation 'Don't Give a Damn' and when it comes to marriage, soon you will join me in my way of thinking!

A fine woman with a fine figure is the most beautiful thing on Earth and proof that God is a cruel God!

My main issue is how 'they' see things, the way 'they' think and the fact that most will pull the pin on the Fat Grenade and end up bigger than you! And then there is the Talking Part, ugh...that damn talking part.

So, standby and enjoy, because I will be adding to this section almost daily and if it only saves One Life, then it's worth it!

1) Stop screwing her immediately and no more hummers either.

2) Get tested immediately for HerpaGonnaSyhillAids.

3) Get a Lawyer, even if you're not married, preferably (in my case) the same one that tore the joke level Leadership of Stanfield a new pie hole!

4) Get all 3 copies of your credit report and give them to your Lawyer.

* She might try to open additional lines of credit, as she moves on.

5) Have a place to go, if you have to leave between now and when she is catapulted over the city walls.

6) Remove any unable to replace grade valuables, as she will either pawn or steal anything not nailed down. After all, that's what piece of crap people do. See our main page for our stories about Jason Smith!

7) Let the local cops know that you have a Bitch Combo Plate on hand, who plans on being the tool of your destruction (even if they are almost useless.)

8) Tell anyone that's interested 'Your Side of the Story First' as folks tend to believe whatever info they hear first and doubt what comes secondly.

9) Install cameras (like I did) and not just for asshole former friends who think Hillary Clinton is Mothers Milk and then proceeds to come by, while you're at home, to rip down your pro-Trump campaign sign.

10) Document everything you can think of, times and dates, etc, as able.

11) Burn in effigy the toilet seat, any left behind panties and her side of the bed!

*  God only knows what 9th Monkey (end of days - epidemic themed movie) level gack that skanky

Sluhore might have tracked back home on her.

12) Remove any lethal weapons from the shared space...any Sluhore that will cheat on and lie to you will also kill you, if it comes down to it.

13) Remain calm, you can't think straight when you're all wound up.

14) Don't pull a Robin Williams - it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

15) Once she is out of the house, throw all her shit away, so there is Zero Reason for her to show back up.

16) Watch your back, we already know she's a loose cannon, but her new Mr. Right might try to be a hero.

17) If you have a pet that you truly value, temporarily remove them from the shared property.

18) If able, get a Restraining Order. Get one on her before she gets one on you - First Come, First Served!

* Refer back to #8 shown above.

19) Wait awhile before you go looking for a new mate! You might fall right back into the mess you just got out of, as what you thought you had has become what you are used to and and still seem to want, but it was all a lie, so avoid any similarities, because she has equally Satanic soul-sisters out there just like her!

20) Even if You Love Her...Never, Ever take that Bitch away, run away...Run Forrest Run!

* Once a Sluhore, always a Sluhore! If you're stupid enough to take her back, within her sick, little, twisted mind - she will add Cheating to her "Allowed list" of activities. Just as the scorpion always stings the frog!

21) If there are shared children involved and you simply can't avoid her, then be careful and record everything. Otherwise, if you see her out and about...Keep Running Like Your Ass is on Fire!

You can thank me later....

I'm always up for a complementary meal at a decent restaurant, unless you've been featured on this website (giggle), I'm just say'in.


How to tell if she's a cheating whore:

For the Record:

I have never cheated on or beat on any of the various females that I have been involved with, the total number of which is high enough that my mother would probably take a brick bat to me, then it would be my Dad's turn.

Because of the way I was raised, I think there is an extra hot corner in Hell for cheaters, it's just such a shitty thing to do to someone who is supposedly The One in your life.

I don't go to bars or date loose women, so I've been spared some of the worst examples of Sluhores. However, there are a lot of men out there who do find women in such places and who would shag a snake, if someone held it's head. Their results are less appealing than mine and probably involve one or more Fornication Souvenirs, like STD's or bastard children.

The only woman I know for sure stepped out on me, was one that I had already kicked to the curb, once I realized she was trying to hook me in with an intentional pregnancy. She had also been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (a Cluster B mental illness), which is Big Trouble in Little China and yet another reason for me not to father a child by her. She would have been a horrid mother anyway, if the kid even survived, it would have only been because of me, but I eliminated the problem by keeping the Master of Ceremony in my pants and out of her. I never touched her again, once I said "I'm Done."


The Decent Thing for her to do, would have been to move out first, then go shopping for a new Sugar Daddy, but she ended up, apparently out of desperation, turning into a real Sluhore.

As she spiraled in, she started drinking, not just quietly behind my back, as she had been doing for a while, but out in the open, nightly. Apparently, some of the new dicks she entertained also kicked her to the curb, that and her drinking just made her worse, as she was already bat-shit-crazy to begin with.

Before she finally left, a process that was sped up by her turning into a raging alcoholic and my reaction to it, she broke out with Herpes from one of her various Bad Decisions (Hahahaha), Oh God...YES!

I quietly and vigorously rubbed my hands together like Dr. Evil - knowing that there is justice in the world, after all! Serves the Bitch right and that nasty (incurable) stuff doesn't wash off either!

She didn't catch it from me...because I don't have it or anything else!

Maybe, she'll do a fly by and get to read this article, as her pussy finishes falling off.


Here are the 30 different ways that I have determined you can pretty much tell if your penis holder is cheating on you, is about to cheat, or is at least lining up a new guy to cheat with!

A new guy that will be forever known here as = (her next Victim.)

Signs to Look for:

1) Calls not answered or returned within a reasonable time frame, if at all = Ignored.

2) You start catching her in lies or her stories and excuses don't match up to reality.

3) Regularly working late, when it was never an issue previously.

4) Starts keeping her phone with her constantly, everywhere she goes, even to the bathroom, never leaves it unattended and always seems to be texting with someone.

5) Always Busy - Always has Plans, with new people, family, new social groups, etc, but you're not invited.

6) No longer interested in your interests or activities.

7) Stops kissing you or being affectionate, or much less than you would consider normal.

8) Just Plain Goes Cold on You.

9) Says she wants to go back to school, where better else to find a new pecker to pay her bills?

10) You discover that one or more of her new so-called Friends turns out to be a Guy and she very well may start to Triangulate you with him/them = Compare. (another classic Sluhore move)

11) Starts fights out of thin air, this being a way to validate her Sluhoredom, since she's not happy.

12) Sudden increase in out of town trips to see family or friends, at least 1/2 of that increase will actually be trips to meet a new guy to try him on for size.

13) Suddenly starts to get back into shape, after letting herself go, because she wants to look good for the potential New Guy. (her next Victim)

14) Stops cooking or doing other household chores (if living with you), since you are no longer worthy of her time and effort, or this could be her true colors coming out, since she's just a lazy bitch?

15) You notice a shifting of her belongings or find more and more of her stuff in the trash.

(Because she is about to bail)

16) Talks about Needing Her Space - without you in it, because she is making room for the next guy in her life. (her next Victim)

17) Strange money issues, unaccounted for funds or late bill payments, because she is funding her various sex safaris with said monies. (Ugh)

18) Starts showing an acute interest in things that were never of interest to her before, as she is Mirroring the interests of the new guy. (her next Victim)

* This Mirroring is done, so the new guy (her next Victim) will gain interest in her more quickly.

This Method is her showing the new guy what he wants to see in her and it's what my Dad calls...

"If the Man wants a Blue Suit - Turn on the Blue Light."

* * This is something BPD's (above mentioned mental illness) and manipulative women in general, do to men. It basically makes men fall in love with themselves (as she Mirrors back onto him, all that he holds dear) and that speeds up the attraction process, because horny men are stupid.

19) Nit-Picks every move you make, as if you can't seem to get anything right, to the extent that if you gave her two of everything, she still wouldn't be happy.

20) You start finding (tucked away) Lovers Get-Away type brochures for (Romantic Log Cabin rentals, etc) that she's never even mentioned to you. Places you've never been anywhere near in your wildest dreams, but they are in-route to so-called relatives a few states over that she wants to go visit twice a year!

21) Sits outside in her car and talks on the phone, instead of talking on the phone in the house, as she used to do.

22) Gets all Dolled Up, when going out to spend time with so-called friends, more Dolled Up than she generally ever did for you, because she is actually going out to Hook-up with some guy.

23) Comes home from said outings later than you expect and then jumps into the shower A.S.A.P., even though she normally takes a bath only in the morning. This is no doubt so she can wash that other guys Ranch Dressing (DNA) off of herself, before you catch a whiff.  (Ugh!)

24) Stops talking about future plans, as she has no future plans with you.

25) Walks around saying she isn't happy or asking "why am I here" - at which point you can just tell her - hell, I don't know, maybe so you can make me a sandwich!

26) You find out that she's been talking smack about you to HER Family & Friends behind your back.

This is being done, so that she will already have a Smear Campaign in place and operating for when she finally bails on you.

* Meaning - Everyone on her end of things already thinks you're the bad guy, with the end results being that she can feel vindicated, when she takes a ginormous shit all over you.

27) She takes # 26 to a new level and tries to start turning Your Family & Friends against you.

28) She randomly starts to blame you for everything and complains about not being where she wanted to be by now, etc. It could be tales of woe about you not marrying her yet, not giving her kids or something you said in 1974 that pissed her off, even though you didn't even know her then! Hell, who knows, it can be just about anything, but it's still all your fault....all designed to vindicate what she is or is about to do.

29) Stops taking care of herself (Hygiene), so you lose interest in her (unless you have a Customer Care Card at a local Army Navy Store, where you can get a good deal on a gas mask), that way she doesn't have to perform. (for you anyway)

* However, she will actually use some soap and water on her undercarriage - for her next Victim!

This usually also includes her no longer shaving her legs, except for those late nights out with friends.

30) If you have children, you will discover that she is trying to turn them against you - a process that will kick into high gear, once she actually leaves you. (for her next Victim)

Yes, I know there are some local mouth breathers who take offense to my words, but the vast majority of them are hypocrites who are simply virtue-signaling and are complete phonies. You know who you are.

Complaints can be directed to 1-800-Eat-My-Shorts.

<>  If you can spot 5 (FIVE) things -on the above list that applies to your situation:

Then you will pretty much know she's a Sluhore, probably actively cheating on you already or will be very soon and that you should brace for a Hostile Ejection.

<>  If you can spot MORE than 5 things -on the above list that applies to your situation:

You are screwed, blued & tattooed and you should take immediate action to cover your ass, get out of the way and develop an escape plan.

Be ready to leave the scene, so she can't go for the Grand Finale of claiming Domestic Violence and she will, they always do, sooner or later!

* Why?..Because it further validates to any active or casual observers that she is justified in having done what her cheating heart did to you, because she's the victim.

* My Sluhore tried this crapola on me, but she over played it and due to how obviously she wanted me to tool her ass up, I walked off the lot and didn't fall into her trap!...Winning!

* I don't believe in Domestic Violence, but let's just say - I understand

Don't just Walk...Run!

.Bonus Sluhore Image.

She Doesn't Love You.

Your Value to a woman is what resources you have, what you can do for her now and can keep doing for her in the future, along with what her eventual half of your stuff adds up to, if she bails on you.

The only exception to this would be if your woman is pick the meat off the bone ugly or she is a Unicorn.

* There are lots of one and very few of the other!

Your value is simply what you can supply and keep supplying, it's not love, it's usury at it's optimum level. As someone who has parents that have been married for 60 years, my expectations as a young man, was that this life long love thing is's not, certainly not in this modern age.

As a long time Salesman dealing mainly with Senior Citizens - I was shocked to realize that most of the widow women I've done work for have little or nothing good to say about their now dead husbands, with only a few exceptions. All that's left on their minds is what he left for her, which is usually a much better standard of living than they could have ever generated for themselves. Many have flat out said that they mainly married to get out of her parents house or that he was the one she could best tolerate and probably grow to love! I'm talking about 70+ little ole ladies...Holy Shit!

Meaning, that as I ask about her now dead husband Fred, Bobby or Joe, etc - he simply seems to be more of a now dead benefactor - than a beloved, lost soulmate.

It was at this point early in my professional life that I realized all women are whores, except your Mother - but don't ask your Dad about your Mother.

You are literally only worth to her what you can do for her, that's it!

She can just screw you now and take the money off the nightstand (girlfriend) or she can Marry you and drag the process out over a lifetime and still get paid!

Go ask any now divorced guy and I'll bet 95% of the time it had something to do with money or a lack thereof. It's what happens when you sign up for a lifetime of pure hell by marrying and then watching your once attractive wife spiral in like a shot to Hell WWII fighter over Europe in those old air combat footage reels.

You can test my theory (based on facts) by simply losing your job or getting too sick to work for a while (which will endanger everything), and as your situation starts to deteriorate, unless your wife is as ugly as a mud fence, she will bail! If she is an ultra rare Unicorn, add 6 months to the time line, but that's about it.

Give that a try and let me know how it works out for you, I'll be here when you're ready to report back.

* High Level Thinkers generally do not get married!

These men are known as Alpha Males. When a scant minority of them do decide to get married, they hide assets, never have joint checking or other financial accounts and they get solid Prenuptials.

These Prenuptials are to involve your Lawyer and an unrelated second Lawyer for her...that way she can't use the "He Tricked Me into Signing" getaway excuse, during divorce court.

* Emotional/Dick Thinking men are the men left over, after you cull out the High Level Thinkers.

Known as BETA Males - they are thinking with their little head (she Looooves me!) or are working with a mindset based on the Gynocentric (women always come first) crapola that their single or entitled mothers filled their heads with. The vast majority of BETA Males are looking to replace their mother or are men who can't stand being alone. BETA Males are the ones who get married 8 out of 10 times nowadays. You older guys (65+) probably got married, because it was expected of you by our Then Society, so this is less directed at you than our younger viewers.

At the End of the Day:

The ONLY reason to get married (outside of religious reasons or trying to hide the fact that you're a queer), is you're a complete schlep and financial loser! By getting married, you will be able to increase your standard of living by the amount added by your new wife, if she even has a job.

But beware, as soon as she lets one slip by the Goalie (gets knocked up), she will become a stay at home mom and your life and any pleasure you derived from it is over + you'll be broke as Hell.

Your revised, nightly, tear filled prayers will then be for a rapid death - as your only possible way out!


How best to protect yourself, as it's all coming down:

The Ultimate - Orb of Evil

The Sluhore = Slut+Whore combo has a Copyright on all Content displayed on this site,

with the exception of YouTube video links.

If you wish to reproduce and use any of my original concepts, articles or research, you must

request to do so from me, Brian Webb - the Editor/Owner of

If you enjoy our content, support this site!

Not in the same way you love her...

Pulling the Pin on the Fat Grenade?

This is something almost all women do after they've been with you for a while, either because they have you locked down with anchor babies, financial obligations, blackmail or because they know you're the best they can ever do.

My last long term girlfriend was a pretty woman back when we first met, she couldn't keep me off of her. When I picked her up originally, she was about a Buck-Twenty-five (125lbs), but when I dropped her off, she was about 210! Holy Shit! By the end of it all, I would have come closer to getting an erection if I thought of dead people. When you have to think about 'previous girlfriends' in order to finish the act, well, it's time to walk off the they say in the used car business!

As these formerly cute girlfriends/new brides morph into self propelled stomachs, you'll also start to notice a drop in personal hygiene, hey, why should they even try anymore, they have their hooks in you!

As this hygiene issue reaches critical mass, during sex - you might just find yourself leaning back, turning your head to the left or right and taking short breaths, as if you were at a Lamaze Class.

Just look around the next time you're out in public, or when you get home...there are very few 'still fit with good figure' long term relationship involved women out there. The majority of women who still look good during or just after a long term relationship - were either still looking for a better deal, while they were with that guy - or they are single again, at the gym now and looking for their next victim.

By the time women enter, then blast through menopause - you better brace for impact, because their bodies fall apart and they start looking about as good as a shot glass of Dumpster Juice.

The ravages brought on by menopause is why there are nearly zero hot looking older/old women. It's natures way of making them ugly, so guys will stop screwing them, as nature doesn't want these 3rd fertility window closing women procreating.

* Men tend to age like a good wine. As he ages, if a man takes decent care of himself and has money, he can still draw in much younger women.

* Women age like milk - great at first, maybe even perfect, but it's downhill from there and quickly, some worse than others.

My Grandfather used to trade-in and switch to a new car every other year. As a small boy, it seemed like an expensive idea, but now I think he was onto something! So, if you find your woman plumping up, say something, if after several attempts to deal with the issue - she continues to chub up, then kick her to the curb and get a newer model. If you don't have that option, then fake your own death immediately and move at least 3 states away!

If you only take one of these articles to heart, let it be this one!

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