Avoid the SLAG  (Slut-Hag)

I was watching YouTube the other day and an unwanted advertisement interrupted my damn video.

The ad was about - Hot & Sexy Single Women over 50 - Looking for Love. (Bluuck!)

I've seen rotted logs floating down the river sideways that looked better than any of the hammered, burned out Hags shown. More than likely, every SLAG featured, is coming out of 2nd or even 3rd marriages, complete with lots of baggage (moral, emotional & financial) and just aren't worth the effort, unless you like a fix'er upper - money pit.

Each SLAG comes equipped with Orange Peel textured Skin, Hail Damaged Thighs, Pepperoni Nipples, Saggy Beagle Ear Boobs & Wrinkles that have Wrinkles! Women on the Hunt this age, have already been unwrapped and used up like a Drill Bit a gazillion times and by dozens of former lovers.

Yet, these SLAGS expect and want to go for 'Full Retail' out on the open market - talk about Delusional.

SLAGS, also known as - Mountain Lions (age 50+) - are much worse than (Cougars - age 32-44),

because at least the Cougars aren't all used up yet. However, these so-called Hot & Sexy 50+ Women,

still think they're sultry Cougars. The really crazy ones, think they're as good as they were in their late 20's or 30's. Each one still expects your best efforts, access to your resources, want You to be in good shape, rich and 6 feet tall, etc - all as if they're still young and fresh and bring any value to the relationship themselves. They are worn out and infertile, so what's the point - unless you're a lot older than them and don't mind leftovers.

Having Hit the Wall...hard:

15 or so years ago, most of these SLAGS naked bodies would make an onion cry, much less men of the same age. These women become only 'Practice Dummies' for any trolling younger men that may notice them, but no serious relationship will result. Men age much better than women and are still able to get younger women, if they have half-way taken care of themselves and have money to spend. If these SLAGS have previously given birth multiple times, their package will look like a bad Roast Beef & Cheddar sandwich in a Catchers Mitt. If you're really unlucky, it'll look like a football with the damn laces torn out. 

* Note to Self - Try not to fall in, tie a board to your ass cross-ways, so you'll get safely wedged, instead!

It's quite sad to see so many formerly attractive women throwing themselves into the online dating game with what can only be seen as vigorous desperation. After all, at this point - if they can't land a new compliant male with resources, they'll grow elderly, alone and broke, as they become your neighborhood's newest crazy Cat Lady.

* All while lamenting what might have been, if they had just played it straight, years ago!

Avoid these women, the 21 gun salute has sounded and it's over for them, all but the crying.

Age 18-22: Kittens

Age 23 to 31: Tigers

Age 32 to 44: Cougars

Age 45 to 49: Lame Cougars

Age 50 to 62: Mountain Lions

Age 63 to 70: Oh God...my eyes! (Saber Tooth Tigers)        >

Age 71 onward: The Tired Lioness

I wouldn't hit that with a stolen dick!

(Jan. 7th 2019)

As the Ravages of Father Time & Mother Nature surge onward, just remember:

Your Female's Long Legs and Big Boobs will morph into Big Legs and Long Boobs!

I recall the day in 2013 - when I noticed for the first time (Point of View) that my long-term ex-girlfriend's tits had turned into a popular Prison Weapon, known as a SLOCK...which is a Lock in a Sock.

Meaning, her once glorious Boobs were hanging down over me like a (saggy, stretched thin in the middle) sock with a pad lock forming a bulbous blob at the bottom. It's the last time I banged her...God, the Horror! These 2 songs and the image reminds me of her - Not suggested for Workplace viewing.

Rumor Has it:

The Food Item voted 'Most Likely to Ruin Your Sex Life' is - Wedding Cake!

After all, the average woman figures - "why keep feeding a fish after you catch it?"

* If you've already screwed up and gotten married in this age of marriage laws that strongly favor the woman (Gynocentric), may your chains rest lightly upon you.

With the advent of No Fault Divorce Laws (1960's)...You are now constantly on the edge and at risk of her waking up, on any given day, having decided that she's no longer happy (and/or) now wanting to go fall on a pile of new and exciting Dicks, because she missed doing so in her youth. She will then proceed to utilize every inch of the Pro-female Family & Divorce Court System to rip your face off!

* I've never been married and have no plans to (because I'm not retarded), but 100% of the buddies I grew up with did marry and today all (100%) are divorced!

Some went on to completely lose their minds and got married again, many just to have it fall apart...again!

If your reasons for getting married are to have 'available' sex or you want/need a cook and caretaker, hire a prostitute or a maid instead. By doing so, you'll save a ton of dough and you won't find yourself at the bottom of a Jack Daniels bottle one night, while also trying to suck-start a 12 gauge shotgun!

When the smoke clears:

She will end up getting 1/2 of your money & assets, all of your kids + Child Support and in some cases even Alimony lasting up till death or eventual remarriage!

Her next move (historically) will be to locate some random New Guy(s) and start screwing them like they owe her money, in Your Bed, in Your House, while driving Your Car and letting Him hang around Your Kids, (maybe even alone) - all of which is being financed by You! 

A growing trend that I've noticed the last several years is that this New Guy might even end up being a

Thug (usually named Pookie, Ray-Ray or Tron.) If this happens, it's all obviously designed to piss you off to no end, while also (by example) teaching your young daughter that it's A-O.K., because Mommy is doing it!

* As this nightmare unfolds to full bloom: you'll most likely find yourself ending up living in a Van down by the River, broke as all Hell, possibly medicated and working 2 jobs just to survive!

Let's Face it Men:

Women (as they age) are a massively depreciating asset, but just as much (if not more) of a pain in the ass as they ever were.

Is it really worth the 'above described potential nightmare' just to have a piece of ass around that also knows how to work a microwave and fold clothes?...Hell No!

(Jan. 21, 2019)

The Answer to Hypergamy:

"Treat her with Indifference."

Hypergamy is the Biological and Social Construct - where a woman's instinct is to marry up, above and beyond her own status to that of a higher one.

Women who are simply dating and with no current desire to become married, also practice this trait vigorously. When you add this Hypergamy Model to your relationship views, the cold blooded and predatory nature of the average female is explained. Due to this reality, the way they can walk away with little or no apparent residue or remorse, is also explained. For Woman certainly are Satan's Rubix Cube and have caused maximum consternation from time immemorial.

Women are proof that God has either a cruel sense of humor or just wanted to keep things interesting.

The Results of Numerous Surveys shows:

Most women will claim they are looking for a man with 6 figures (income), 6 or more inches (cock) and be over 6 feet (height)...a 'Total Package' requirement level that few men, per capita, can meet.

These same women, more times than not, bring only their golden vagina to the table, while they chase what they feel are the most eligible males, even if they themselves are of a much lower sexual marketplace value. Single women will try to Monkey Branch upwards (due to this instinct) and so will otherwise "Married and yes, even Happily Married" ones. Refer back to my earlier article where I acknowledge that all women are basically whores, it's just a matter of what day you catch them on and if you have enough money to throw around for their benefit.

In our current day society -The percentage of women who cheat on their lover and/or spouse is in excess of 40%, the number who are caught doing so, is only about 6%, regrettably it is not a crime and so the numbers are rising. Sure, some are just sport fucking, as the Guy at Home has become boring and predictable - others are looking to swing away and into what they think is a better deal.

Hypergamy (in other terms) is also a woman's biological desire for "best outcomes" for her offspring, as she needs resources, shelter and a stable economic profile in which to reproduce. However, in a day when fertility and birth rates are falling faster than Bill Clinton's pants at an Arkansas Trailer Park, it's mainly a modern woman's opportunistic desire to improve her situation, not that of non-existent children.

There are two additional factors at play:

Both being to the male counterparts detriment:

(A) Women enjoy the Thrill of the Chase, not the Kill - Meaning, you have to remain interesting to her.

Women mature faster than males, but their emotional development crashes to a halt around age 15, so many are and remain the Forever Child and bore easily = (Stranger Danger!)

(B) Women feel that a Man who is too agreeable, overly compliant or attentive - is therefore Beneath Her.  (Meaning, you do not kiss the ass of those Beneath You, only those Above You), leaving her to think that She is better than You. This is something you must avoid, otherwise it does not end well at all.

It's at this point that she will (A) lose Interest/Desire and (B) lose Respect for him!

When this happens - it activates her Hypergamy and off she goes, as she seeks to branch upwards, verses being with a man of lessor value to herself.

* There is the occasional Hypergamy Misfire - where some women certainly end up and stay with losers, but it's the exception and not the rule - usually when she's as ugly as a mud fence and realizes it!

For a woman's loyalty to you is only limited by her options, if she has no options and only you seem willing to pounce on her, while tolerating her crapola = you might be safe.


You have a number of options, if you choose to play - The Game:

(A) You can find and attach yourself to woman that's unforgivably hideous, one that no one else wants to copulate with. A young woman fitting this description, recently lost her wallet in the parking lot with 20 bucks in it, not only did I find and return the wallet and money, but I considered adding an extra $20 just to show my condolences! She came complete with Unibrow, mustache and a wondering eye.

She didn't just fall out of the ugly tree, she was shot at high velocity through an entire forest, brushed off and sent through a second time! I can guarantee you that her nookie was still in the wrapper, untouched.

Hideous Women, as an option? Yes, I'm talking about the type of Ugly that even a recently freed prisoner of over 20 years wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Unfortunately, this is not an option for me, because an erection is reportedly required for intercourse and as most women are an unmitigated pain in the ass, they at least need to be = Easy to Look At. 

(B) You can treat her like shit. This is why you see so many women with the Bad Boy - type.

I'm not saying cuss her out or beat on her, not at all! Just ooze an an attitude that you may or may not bother to pour a cold beer down her back, if her ass bursts into flames.

Never show up on time, sometimes don't show up at all. Take 3 days to return a text or phone call and always remind her that she is an Elective Sport and you can take it or leave it - drives them crazy.

Women love drama and most are inherently unhappy souls, so you piling on with the drama and insecurity really gets the juices flowing.

Believe it or not (due to her Hypergamy and the fact that you know and act like you're better than her), the panties will be flying across the room - It will be a virtual Catch & Release Salmon run, interrupted only with bathroom breaks. I know, it makes no real sense, but it is what it is!

(C) Be Indifferent (The Lite Beer version of Option B - described above.)

When you're indifferent to her, it means that you view yourself as being of a Higher marketplace value.

You only come across as being Sorta, Kinda, but maybe Not Really interested - even if you really are.

You basically end up acting like you might not even want to crawl into bed with her - and it drives them crazy! (she will always want what she thinks she can't have)...and it works every time!

If you Know and Conduct Yourself as "being Better than Her" and that you know you're a High Value Male, She will See and Know it Too! Ergo, her Hypergamous instincts are therefore satisfied and for the most part contained. Knowledge (understanding) is the key to success!

Being Too Nice, Chasing Her, Pandering to Her and Putting Her on a Pedestal is nothing more than you signing up for failure. She must feel she has done the best she can (with hooking you) or she will be turned off. The result will be that you become meat on the table and your suffering will be legend, especially if you marry her and the State becomes part of your relationship.

The relationship you have with her (married or not) must be Patriarchal (led by the man) or you will become a victim of Matriarchy (control by the woman.) "Women Drivers = No Survivors!"

You See - A man's Love is Idealistic, a woman's Love is Opportunistic - You have to understand both sides, if any long term success is to be achieved. She will love you if she respects you, looks up to you and feels she has done well, by being with you. You can then love her back, as you now have some level of security to do so, since you have determined that she sees you the way she should.

If you are able to achieve this Status Level with Her, you must maintain that situation - Do not go all mushy over time, stay in control and keep your Pimp Hand Strong, or you will come off the rails.


IF Over Time - your woman has shown signs of being mentally ill, much less actually diagnosed (like my last one was)....Your only real option becomes (Option D) - which is to top the gas tank off with a garden hose, run it through all the gears, Park Slam it and then Walk off the Lot.

* (as they say in the used car business!)

Crazy cannot be fixed, Crazy cannot be negotiated with. Crazy Women are dangerous to life itself.

Find a new girl or simply take a break, read my articles and learn from my own mistakes.

After all, it's free and quite good info.

Introducing our Latest Product for Men:

-The New & Improved-


Yes Friends - Now you too can sling

your aggravating Cock Holster over the city walls, as needed.

When that pie hole of hers just doesn't know when to stop and you've had your fill, simply enter your personal Man Code into the control panel and off she goes!

The simple, yet pleasing imagery of her being flung as far away from you as possible (while screaming),

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As an added Bonus:

The resulting carcass can be sold to science for 19 bucks with the scalp bringing a bit extra.

But Wait, There's More!

If you want her gone for good, adjust the control panel to the 'Get Behind Me Satan' setting.


If you plan to keep her around a bit longer, but she needs an attitude adjustment,

select the non-lethal 'I Warned You Bitch' setting, instead!

Even the distance she will be tossed out of your life, can be adjusted,

using one of the following 4 additional control panel options:

Local, Next Town, Out of State ...OR...Completely Gone.

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An environmentally safe, effective and surgically efficient way to Eject your rotten, ungrateful and pretty much useless female unit - is only a phone call away.

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(Jan. 22, 2019)

She is an Illusion - right out of the gate!

From the day you first set eyes on her, she is lying to you, as the above image shows. Scary Huh?

Makeup, a most evil of products, is used by the Female to disguise or even recreate her true self, resulting in a false reality, via manipulation.

The historical origin of makeup was for use by an Actor or other Performer and in such a way as to accentuate facial features. This Tool of Trickery is employed by the Succubus, as a way to Up-sell herself to an available meal ticket...err, I mean...prospective mate.

A Man's biological drive is energized by young looking women, women who appear to be Healthy & Fertile, as he seeks a mate with which to reproduce. Women of Child Bearing age, use makeup to capitalize on this biology. Older women use makeup as a way to cover up the fact that they're actually Burned out Hippies, well past their prime! Some women present themselves as only Slightly Altered, yet others opt for the Tammy Fae Bakker look, but both are still an illusion. Women will actually 'modify' their makeup use over the course of several dates - in order to try and find out 'which version of them' appeals to you most.

Another version of Female illusion is:

The - Obscenely Inaccurate Odometer Reading!

You know...the women who claim they're a 'good girl' as part of their various marketing efforts.

Yet, as the romance progresses, you discover that she's been so worn down by Previous Users that you could produce a Homemade version of a Ricola Cough Drop commercial, by yelling at her crotch and waiting for the echo!

Obviously, a more accurate 'Odometer Reading' would have been 6,500 Miles of Mr. Right....Ugh!

It's all part of a Bernie Madoff level con-job from the minute you first spotted her on your radar and it goes downhill from there, if you stick around.

An ex-girlfriend of mine turned out to have a 'Previous Adult Life' that would rival a Bangkok Whore and that certainly wasn't the Train I bought a Ticket for!

Additional Examples of False Advertising by Females:

I am reminded of a very nice looking woman I met some years ago, she was quite lovely, long red hair and a moderate amount of freckles. We dated for 3 weeks and right about the time she showed me her Birthday Suit and said 'Dinner is Served' she sideways mentioned that she had 4 kids!

Good Grief...Lucifer on a Crutch!

Like you couldn't have brought this minor (uh-huh!) detail up like 3 damn weeks ago, Bitch?

At the announcement of this shocking info, my formerly crowd pleasing and harder than Chinese Math erection died in a pile and was taken away on a slab! I damn near proceeded to scream like a Little Girl and throw myself out the window - of my own damn house!

Seriously, uhh...isn't this the kind of info that should be announced immediately, sorta like

"Hey, the house is on Fire!" or "The car is Missing!"

Even the Bible speaks of a city where not 10 righteous Men could be found, indicating that no effort was made to locate a Righteous Woman, cause there ain't None!

Here's a Pro-Tip:

(Avoid Single Mothers), for you will simply be her Next mistake, her Next Baby-Daddy and her Next payday, via Child Support. This financial imprisonment will be for the next 18-22 years, depending on which State you impregnate her.

Anyway, I suspect this was her plan for me, as even though she was educated and a professional, her 4 children were fathered by THREE different men. So, I certainly dodged the Bullet on that one! The final nail in the coffin was that her oldest son (approx 9 years old), was such a little shit that I'd bet good money, if you shaved the back of his head - you would find a birth mark with 2 sixes followed by a five & a half!

An absolute Devil Child! Such announcements of formerly undisclosed Motherhood, have caused me to run like Hell more than once.

For Example - years later, yet another hot little number was about to put me on a plate and sop me up with a biscuit, right as she let it slip that she had also dropped a Groin Turd in the form of a son fathered by a long gone dude. This little Bastard was even worse than the one mentioned above, you know, the kind of eventual step-son that is plunging the knife into your chest for the 3rd time, as you wake up one night! 

You just have to be careful guys! While you're at it - Scrub that makeup off your new girlfriend's face and see what you're really getting. Hell, for all you know, she might end up looking like Ernest Borgnine

Sure, Men can be just as bad about hiding behind or in front of such critical facts, but I'm not aware of my various male readers dating any dudes, except maybe Councilman Rick Williams - so I stick to speaking only of female generated deceit and selective memory use.

Have women historically been such effective B.S. artists?

Well...Remember, it was Eve that jiggled her perfect Boobs at Adam, as she held the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge and said "Take a Bite Big Boy" - showing from day one, that she couldn't follow basic instructions and operated with a mindset that the rules 'don't apply' to Girls!

Now, because of that Fruit Stunt, Men have to go plow the fields (so to speak), working themselves into an early grave, while the descendants of Eve (40% + of the time) are back at the house trying to choke down the Pool Boy. If you ignore this tendency of women to conceal and lie, then down with the ship will you go!

The funny part is how they damn near call in the Marine Corps, when you even come close to doing the same to them.

I have to imagine at this point that God Almighty must be on his 3rd cup of coffee and trying to avoid another Ice Cream Headache from laughing so hard about the end result of that whole Borrowed Rib - idea.

No, I do not hate women, I just Understand Them!

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(Jan. 3rd 2019)

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By reading between the lines, it is our hope that you come to realize that He was a battered husband!

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