(February 6, 2019)

Behold a Pale Horse & Upon it Rode - CRAZY!

Have you ever literally met Satan?

I have and He is a Female diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder!

It's like being the Head of Sanitation at a Haitian Jail, you won't win, you can't win, so just walk away!

These women are a raging Dumpster Fire on a Hair Trigger and your suffering will be Legendary!

This Article is long, but it will save you mountains of heartache. Let's start off with some Background Info.

- Borderline Personality Disorder - (BPD)

Is One of FOUR Cluster B Personality Disorders, which are in fact mental illnesses, resistant to treatment.

BPD's are Exceedingly High Conflict Individuals with a History of Irrational & Frequent Outbursts of Anger, Unstable Relationships and Poor Decision Making skills. I can unanimously assure you, that they are also Pathological Liars, Manipulative, Untrustworthy, Prone to Thievery and Unrepentant Cheaters, all without a shred of remorse! As a Group, they should be Quarantined immediately! BPD's are mostly Female, at a 4 to 1 ratio. These are the type of women who kill their own children. Therefore, in my opinion, BPD is the most dangerous of the FOUR Disorders, because it also shares many of the awful traits of the other THREE!!

- Histrionic Personality Disorder -

(The Lite Beer version of BPD) These are the 'Look at Me' acting-out types and range from regular people to Celebrities, also mainly Females. The vast majority are Mexican or Black with a wad of Asians thrown in to keep things interesting. They are the type of women who show up to an office-job looking like a French whore with fuzzy topped boots and push up bras, proceed to make passes at all their male co-workers, then file sexual harassment charges. Like BPD's, they are also highly prone to hysterics and flamboyant outbursts.

- Narcissistic Personality Disorder -

Scam Artists, Serial killers, many Business Moguls and quite a few Celebrities, fall into this group.

Bernie Madoff, Charles Manson, George Soros and Tom Cruise are all good examples. (Majority are Males)

- Anti-Social Personality Disorder -

Anarchists, Violent Criminals, Sex Offenders & many garden variety Scofflaw types, fall into this group.

The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski is a good example. (Majority are Males)

This is My experience with a - Borderline (BPD) Female:

Let me start by saying - Never again, will I tolerate this level of grief, just to have a pretty companion with opposing genitalia!...I'd rather swim with sharks daily, than go through this Crap ever again!

The ropes, that hold at the ready, the Catapult, in which any Future (probationary) Female Unit sits, will crackle & pop (under tension) with anticipation of me pulling the Lever - at the first sign of similar trouble! 

After what I went through, you would be Jaded too!

Major Eruptions would manifest every 6 weeks or so, proceeded by the more frequent bi-weekly ones!

Nothing was ever good enough! You could give her 2 of everything and she would demand a 3rd of each.

I was constantly coming to her rescue and conjuring up excuses to myself and others for doing so - all while also trying to remain loving and patient. It was exhausting, a constant effort.

I spent 18 years walking on rice paper and egg shells, just trying to keep the peace.

Finally, I realized I was in a never ending cycle of saving her from Herself, with little in return!

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the Hell I ever did to deserve this apparent Servant of Hell, usually as I sheltered behind some rocks, trying to avoid the fire breathing Dragon orbiting above me.

So, you might ask - Was I doing something to cause some of this?

Sure, but can you then go on to explain the 11 jobs she had over her last 15 years of employment?

Well, it's because she was acting this way to everyone, at work or play - not just to me. The one thing that definitely was my fault, was my tolerating it for so long (regardless of the reason) and not getting out sooner. Once you do escape and emerge on the other side of it all, you will be ecstatic that she's gone.

This is Exactly what it's like Living with - CRAZY!

Now that She's GONE:

I'm no longer the Target of - The shrillness of her voice, her emotional tantrums, instabilities and endless emergencies or almost constant arguing. The millions of lies, the ridiculous thinking and bickering. No longer must I tolerate her pitiful excuses and how everything was always someone else's Fault, never her own.

All of which made me feel like I was playing the carnival game 'Whack-a-Mole' and losing badly.

Financial Benefits- You'll end up feeling like you've finally kicked a raging crack habit or something even worse, because you won't be throwing money at her never ending issues and are now able to keep it for yourself. You will finally realize just how damn expensive she was!

Massive Stress Level Reduction - If I had been able to harness the demonic energy of her various outbursts along with my rising stress level, I could have gone off-grid and cancelled my Duke Power account!

She killed 3 pets through neglect (improper feeding) and every plant she ever had died, even a whole tray of cactus! * Seriously, how the Hell do you murder a whole tray of cactus, they're maintenance free, for crying out loud! She ruined every car that she drove (3), during our 18 year relationship. She crashed every motorcycle (2), burned every pot of food and screwed up numerous business transactions by shooting off her big mouth! During her various tantrums - she destroyed property (mainly my property), broke off door handles and ruined other random valuables, etc. By the time the smoke cleared, she had ruined everything, including her own life, administrative/teaching career and any worthwhile friendships. = CRAZY!

Her Main Screw was Loose!

I was working night and day on a Big website project that the owner later sold for stupid money, it had to be done on time and be perfect, as it included original software, etc.

My Borderline and I had been together for about 4 years and I figured everything was fine.

Then one day, out of the blue, she walked up next to me at my desk, half dressed, with a sad look on her face and just stood there. Obviously, I asked her what was wrong and she lamented that I had been so busy for the last 3 weeks that I hadn't touched her even once, so that must mean that I no longer Loved Her!

Damn, I realized she was right...

So, I set about correcting it immediately and in a big way!

Daily, for the Next 3 weeks, I took every chance I got to Bust up her Squirrel, as if it owed me money!

In the kitchen, on the kitchen table, on the chairs at the kitchen table, the bathroom floor and even at a couple of undisclosed locations! I was making little rocks out of big rocks, on the Regular & Vigorously!

It was a real crowd pleaser!

Then, feeling I had re-secured my domain, I backed off a bit and once again focused on my project.

Oh Shit,...she's back, once again standing there, the same sad look, head bowed and a pouting face.

Once again, I asked "what's wrong" and she said (I kid you not)...I'm just a piece of meat to you, aren't I?

That's not just Crazy, that's the wheels coming off = CRAZY!

I should have known better...But:

I thought I'd found an extremely rare Unicorn! She seemed like a Good Girl, complete with a religious background, had graduated college and was employed as a teacher. Overall, she looked pretty good on paper and even better in person! But...this was the beginning of my eventual journey into Hell itself!

For Example:

When we met, she was living at a Condo up in Charlotte and doing so with 2 other people.

One was another woman, the other was some puny guy, a guy that I later discovered was her Ex-boyfriend, now living downstairs! When I asked "Why in the Hell would you still be living with your Ex?" (something I was NOT cool with) - she said it was for Financial Reasons - meaning her finances! = CRAZY!

Also living in this Condo was the ugliest damn Dog I've ever seen, some sort of Mutt, but one that was at least 90 pounds. As I entered her upstairs bedroom for the first time, that Dog followed me.

* I later realized he was obviously trying to warn me, but I was focused on her nice ass.

For reasons unknown - That Dog went straight under the bed:

Then he came right back out with the biggest damn Dildo, that I've ever seen in my Life.

This thing was so big, that I'm guessing it originally came with a now missing, tow-behind trailer!

As the Dog sat there clacking it between his teeth and with some difficulty, all I could think was that some Crash Dummy was missing an Arm!

Apparently, the look on my face gave me away, as I figured - if she needed something that crazy Big to keep her happy - I'm not going to be able to help you, Lady!

Bear in mind that Nobody has ever asked for their money back, once I've dropped my drawers, but Damn!

She spotted my concerned look and went on to claim (with a straight face), that she only used it to rub herself. * Well, a few weeks later, I would discover that her 'rubbing only' claim was a load of shit, because when

I finally got with her for the first time, it all seemed more like I was throwing a Corn Dog, stick first - down a long hallway!

Then, the Dog went back under the bed:

And proceeded to haul out a Massive (1/2 used) tube of KY Personal Lubricant, which just like the Ginormous Dildo, was the biggest damn tube of Sex Lube I've ever seen! - I started to feel a bit queasy, at that point.

I've not seen OR even heard rumors of a tube that size since. - It must have been a special order item!

This Tube of Lube was so BIG, you could have loaded it into a full size Caulk Gun and sealed up half the damn windows in her two story Condo!

I'm guessing that it would take a 12 room Whore House, at least, 2 months to burn through a tube that size!

I should have been thinking with my Big Head at this point, but I'm a horny guy, so I was thinking with the Little Head, you know, the one with the hole in it - where all my ongoing bad decisions came from!

Shortly afterwards, she moved in with me, my still not realizing that I was attempting to make a housewife out of (what turned out to be) my new beautiful whore!...It went downhill from there, in Fits & Starts.

As the years flowed past, like the Sands of Time:

I eventually realized my mistakes and never did complete my original plans for her, but it took a few more years for me to completely stop thinking with my pecker, so the saga dragged onward.

Having failed to marry her yet, mainly due to her being such a raging Bitch, anytime I wanted to Get Her Goat, I would simply say - "God...I'm So Glad I never married you and had children"

...zing, Zap, Boom...Straight through the roof she would go, like clockwork!

Even when I was going out of my way to be a nice guy to her, I'm talking 100% Joe Cool type of nice...still, anything said or done not to her exact liking...zing, Zap, Boom, off she went again! (It was just awful!)

I wish I had a Dollar for every time I looked around and apologized (with the look in my eyes) to the many innocent bystanders, for them having to witness her explosion! What if elderly folks, whole families or even

stray Children were around? - Oh well...zing, Zap, Boom! (She couldn't care less, everyone will suffer!)

*(She lost several jobs & opportunities over being abusive to co-workers, students and even their parents!)

The type of Angry Tantrums where she would be - red faced, eyes wide open with veins popping out and her face melting off. (Which turned out to be her True Colors) - as I would come to discover, much too late!

People I later spoke with, also claimed that she would do this around them, even at one of her Political Clubs (Populated by older Women!), she just simply couldn't control her deep seated anger at the whole World!

After much research...it has become obvious to me, that the vast majority of BPD Females have no Soul, will never be Happy and will Abuse and use up Everyone around them.

These women are so messed up inside, that they pretty much don't care about themselves, so she certainly won't be able to OR even bother to care about You = CRAZY!

During 2007 we broke up for a While:

Even though she showed up almost every day (to keep me interested), this whole thing was just her trying to force marriage, using the same method that had worked so well for her also medicated and Bitchy Sister.

Years later, I finally got to speak to the old woman that let her stay at her house, during the period in question.

Knowing it was now safe to speak of such things, she confirmed that my Borderline had done many of the same inconsiderate things to her, as she had been doing to me for years. Such as: unjustified and quite nasty outbursts, blocking her car in, leaving the house unsecured, eating her food without asking, coming and going all hours, etc. My Borderline even let a friend of hers repeatedly smoke IN this woman's House, even though this elderly lady was a LUNG Cancer survivor!...not to mention the fact that it stunk up her home.

Turns out, that's the point my Borderline was asked to leave, as this senior citizen just couldn't take it anymore! So back to me my BPD came, more because she had to, not because her plans for me had succeeded. One day the door opens and there she is, like none of it ever happened, all systems normal.

Lucy, I'm Home! = CRAZY!

The good news for Me:

Was that I had built up so much resentment during the time she was out on walk-about, that something snapped and I simply woke up one morning with Zero intentions of ever marrying her.

It was also during this separation, that we went to couples-counseling, where she was diagnosed a Second Time with BPD! Suddenly, she no longer felt we needed to keep going...Gee, I wonder why!

* However, several more years of her crapola would continue, as I had to bide my time and play it smart, using a method known as...The String-Along.

I had to play it safe, because Crazy Women who yell and scream and hit themselves in anger are not the type you (as a Male) use force to throw out of your House, you have to wait for them to go on their own.

Plus, she knew that my continued employment was endangered by any potential Domestic Violence type claims or arrests. Sure enough, at the very end of our relationship, during the week she finally planned to leave, she tried to inspire a fight of epic proportions. It was blatantly obvious that she wanted me to tool her ass up, because if I had done so, she would have gotten her revenge!

I've never laid a hand on her, in the way she was obviously pushing for that night, so it was definitely a strange evening! I just shook it all off, went to the other end of the house and chilled out.

Since she knew she was leaving later that week, this totally manufactured fight was over an issue that was soon to be a non-issue. You see, that argument was over her share of the bills, an amount (50%) that she had never come close to honoring! She was just trying to start a violent fight and ruin my life on her way out!

It was just a final stab at my now cold, dead, black heart, caused by living with this Orb of Evil for 18 years!

Because I never gave her what she really wanted and she was now infertile, infected, fat and getting uglier

by the day, by God it was time for Me to Pay! = CRAZY!

More CRAZY! - Info:

Twelve Years Ago - when my Bitch Combo Plate was diagnosed as BPD twice (by 2 different Professionals), there was only basic info online describing this nasty mental illness. What was posted seemed somewhat Sympathetic and Politically Correct. What it should have stated is that these women are a Hot Mess, are Barking Dog Mad, could end up killing you or themselves and that they are rabid Whores!

My interpretation, as stated in this article, is instead brutally honest and based on Facts not Feelings.

If back then, that online info had been more honest and exacting, I would have bailed on the spot.

Today, the info you can find is much better, but that does me little good now, after the fact.

For example, BPD Females are so empty inside and dealing with so many Family of Origin issues (neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, etc), that their only Cure is to suck the good things (called Supply) out of the people around them.

One of their favorite ways of securing this Life Energy (Supply) is through sex and what they can get from the men they have that sex with. The most exciting thing for them (and the easiest to get, as most BPD women are in fact attractive), is the initial wind-up honeymoon phase of a brand new sexual relationship.

Meaning, even if you have plenty of money and a diamond hard dick - she will still eventually cheat on you, because you are Old News and the New guy she just met is, well New!

So, years later, you might just discover that all those out of state visits to her sister, were her actually heading somewhere else, so she can rough up a new dick or two. = CRAZY!

Women's Morals are under-developed vs. Men:

There are 6 phases of Human Morality Development. Most men, as they mature, enter and pass through all 6 levels. Females, who physically mature faster, but who also rarely fully mature emotionally to the same extent as men - are, as a result, already Children of a Lesser God - from a Morals & Ethics Standpoint.

If you then take this already 'arrested development individual' and you pile on a Narcissistic (Cluster B) mental issue, you have the ingredients for major upheaval!

When I met my Borderline, I was and still am a Tier 1 guy: A good job, nice car, a good future, opportunities, etc. My Pimp Hand was strong, I didn't take any shit, took care of business both at home and away from home, yet this Entity, which I mistakenly wrote a check against, still did what I describe above and apparently several times. She would then return from such 'outings' and act like nothing happened and still make 'life plans' such as further discussions of marriage, buying a bigger home and even eventual children!

I on the other hand, would not have been able to even look her in the eye, if I had done the same things, while out of view! Why? Because I'm not screwed up and have a higher moral standard. I would take Principles over Comfort and have never cheated on my significant other. If I found myself wanting another woman, I would eject the current one for the new woman, before I stepped out. It's simply the way I was raised, as it should be.

The injury to insult here:

Is that I've tracked down some of her Bro-Ho's, from the period in question and all of them, compared to me, are nobody type Chuckle Heads! One of these idiots collects Marvel Comics action figures, a grown ass man who collects dolls! Good God, WTF? Another looks like a Roadie for The Ramones and lives at home, etc.

I'm the 'over 6 foot tall guy' women like her claim they want, but all of these orbiting Bro-Ho's turned out to be sawed off twits, socioeconomic nobodies and all of them (so far) are what I call - BETA Male SIMPS.

I'm not saying being short is an indictment, but the rest of it sure as Hell is!

She obviously prefers softer, simpering and way more vagina compliant males, that are easier to Control.

Ahh, but there's the Rub, she wanted me for my Alpha Male genes, intelligence, fathering potential and financials, these Bro-Ho's were just back room Boy Toys, that she could more easily manipulate and use.

Everyone who knew us both, and even a few that didn't - keep predicting 'She'll be back, when she's cold and hungry again' - I was simply too good a source of the foundational things she needs! (...and Jesus wept!)

BUT....in all honesty:

I would literally rather pass, via my digestive system, a salt encrusted, broken Vinegar Bottle, than open my front door and see that cocksucker standing there, wanting back in!

Sure, it's all been very insulting, but my feelings aren't as hurt as much as you might think, because after spending 18 years with Satan's Left Nut, I have virtually no feelings left to Be hurt!

If you think I might be exaggerating, simply go to any online discussion forum on the topic of Borderline Personality Disordered Women. Only those populated by these evil bitches themselves will remotely speak kindly of them, using mainly excuses and victimization memes.

However, BPD discussion topics populated by their Male victims, actually Expose these Females and the massive levels of suffering caused by them to everyone within their blast zone!

BPD women simply ruin everything around them and are in fact totally Heartless, Souless, Ice-cold & Manipulative Demons! These Vixens are truly the afterbirth of Lucifer's morning sit down!

To further complicate things:

The vast majority of females diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder will stop seeking professional help, once they have been diagnosed, just like mine did. The simple reason is that it flies in the face of their favorite Hat Trick, known as always Playing the Victim. For these women to realize and admit that they

themselves are the actual problem, then go on to seek further help, isn't even on the table, period!

I now realize that (after I called it quits, but let her stay, until she could relocate), every time she started a fight then ran out, it was simply a 'cover story' for the fact that she was going out to get choke slammed by one of her orbiting Bro-Ho's. (Most of whom I had no idea even existed, they were part of her hidden life!)

(Here's a Pro-Tip)

If your wife, girlfriend or occasional dick beater has several male friends hanging around, they are there for only 2 reasons:

* They are sounding boards used by her to help figure you out & therefore manipulate you more effectively.

* They are Standby-Cocks and will be used (complete with lame excuses), if she ever gets real mad at you! 

(News Flash) - The vast majority of Female Cheating is Vindictive = (Revenge, to hurt or destroy!)

Then, with the ill-informed support of her girlfriends, she will claim "it's all Your fault that she did it."

Can't you just hear Her say:

"I was mad at you, you were mean to me in 1974, even though 1974 is before we met.

I had a bad day, because you woke me up early with breakfast in bed, but I ran late anyway. My hair was a mess, then the screen on the cell phone you picked out for me cracked and it's not even the phone I wanted.

My boss, at the job you made my unemployed ass take, is a Jerk and the money I stole out of your wallet, wasn't enough to pay for my lunch...But there was an Erection roaming the parking lot at the Shopping Mall today and well,...I fell onto it...Oopsie!" (see what I mean? = CRAZY!)

I'm Disgusted by the whole mess!

Not only from a hygiene and nastiness standpoint, but the Sexually Transmitted Disease threat level involved.

I never have understood such loose morals and promiscuity among straight or gay people.

I can just see her now - Hey, there's a cock, let's jump on that, oh wait, there's another cock, let's jump on that one too....Ahh! More Cock!!!...with one in each hand, probably.

I went on to make several 'after the fact' discoveries, which is how I know (undisclosed sources) that my Borderline contracted 2 incurable, sexually transmitted diseases (Herpes & HPV), because of her Slut Walk.

The insane part of this whole STD mess:

Is that she caught the Herpes (and knew it), well over a year prior to catching the Human Papillomavirus -

(HPV), which means the stupid Bitch continued having unsafe sex with God only knows who, and caught yet another (second) STD! Obviously, she has since gone on to spread both infections to others! = CRAZY!

* As mentioned earlier - BPD women don't even care about themselves, much less, anyone else?

Thank God I kicked her to the curb years prior to either of these infections! Good Grief!

Due to some prior medical knowledge (research), once both infestations manifested in full bloom on her

face and neck - (I didn't dare check her now demonic crotch), I was able to recognize what both were and kept my distance! Now, the only thing left for her to catch from the same STD Family of Infections, is HIV.

Hell, it serves the Bitch right!         If she'd been faithful, she'd be fine, taken care of and uninfected!

Unfortunately for the rest of us:

The Victim Mentality Complex, most handily used by BPD women, is also why most mental health professionals are generally not willing to work with them (read that as waste their time.)

They cannot be fixed and worse yet, they don't want to be!

Victim Complex generated excuses and twisted, dream like thinking, is how they get their needs met, it's the very validation for the evil they do. They know right from wrong, but always blame others for their evil deeds.

* BPD's also just love to argue! So much so, that they will take an opposing view to your own, just so they can get into a fight with you, even though they don't even believe the viewpoint they are now taking. = CRAZY!

Seriously, you will wish you were Darth Vader with his ability to remotely choke the piss out of folks, when she pulls this shit on you. Ugh, it hacks me off just to type about it.

* When these women go on to have children, more times than not, the kids are also screwed up.

Not only because women with these mental issues are horrid mothers and go on to neglect their children, as they were themselves, but Cluster B mental illness can be inherited! (Genetic)

* When you meet her, what you see at first Is Not who you'll end up with, because she is running a con-job!

In the opening stages of your relationship, what you're dealing with is only her 'Representative.'

Once she gets her claws in you (literally), because you screwed up and told her that You Love Her...

the Marketing Representative drops dead, then vanishes and now you're stuck with the Real Her!

(It's Bad, very Bad!)

* BPD's can usually only hide their Demons for a max of 120 days, so don't let her know where you live sooner than that, unless you want to catch her boiling your Rabbit - as in Fatal Attraction, the movie!

That movie proves I'm not the first victim of these Bat Shit Crazy Bitches! Really, you should watch it.

Methods & Tactics of - CRAZY!

Women with Cluster B disorders are easily spotted, if you know what to look for.

Once she sets her sights set on you, you will enter into Phase ONE - The Love Bombing Phase:

In this Phase (also used by Religious Cults), she will be the best thing ever, your dream girl, that perfect girl and one that clings to you, makes you feel great and can't get enough of you. She will also tell you way too much and way too soon about her life, with hopes that you will ride in and save her. After all, all of her problems were forced upon her, she is innocent! As the sex comes into play, it's great, the best actually, but just remember guys - the screwing you're getting - won't be worth the screwing you're gonna get!

What follows is Phase TWO - The Devaluation Phase:

In this Phase (in her eyes) - You are initially seen as also Perfect, but due to her (Black & White Thinking, with no middle ground), she will start to find and exploit your Faults. Since you obviously are Not perfect, she will end up ripping out from under you the very pedestal that she put you way up high on - in the beginning.

Then we reach Hell, known here as Phase THREE - The Discard Phase:

Because you're not perfect, didn't become perfect and well, maybe one Dick isn't enough...MORE Cock!!...she moves on, usually without any warning or closure. Unfortunately, if you have a good Dick and Money, she could take Years to reach this final Phase, as she tries to totally use you up, prior to bailing out. However fast or slow the ride, these 3 Phases are Your Future with a BPD Female! Walk off the Lot - and do so early on.

Particular Personality Traits of - CRAZY!

As your apparent fondness for her grows, she will let down her guard and you will soon discover that she has major flaws, strange personality quirks and is in fact a - High Conflict Person

She will have - Fear of Abandonment issues, reportedly due to (Cluster B individuals) having been abandoned, neglected, abused (or some other childhood based trauma.) However, that's not always the case, as some Cluster B's are just plain fucked up people with no environmental reason, which is why up to 54% of the time, the cause is considered to be Genetic.

You'll also discover, via an upwards trend in (Outbursts), that she also suffers from what ends up being her Go-to Favorite Main Event - Uncontrolled & Irrational Anger! Yes, even over 'seemingly' very minor things  and just to calm her down, you will find yourself apologizing for stuff you're not even guilty of!

Causing you to start acting almost crazy just to side step and avoid her for-real Crazy! 

Yet another BPD Minefield will eventually come into view and that's her - Vicious Mood Swings,

made all the worse by her *Low Self-Esteem, which can then cause a spike in her other pet issues of

*Paranoia, *Circular Thinking,*Feelings of Emptiness, & *Self Image Fluidity! (Dear Baby Jesus!)

All resulting in her living (at least part time) in a Dreamlike State, (a Fantasy World of her own creation),

as an escape from it all! Yeah.....noooo!

This is Why...

Discussions that you had with her concerning (life issues, finances, future plans, etc), ones that you both seemingly reached a point of understanding on, later seem to be discussions that (at least on her end) didn't take place at all. (Because, she's in - Outer Space riding her Magic Pink Pony - HALF the Damn Time!)

I wish I had a Dollar for every issue that had to be revisited over and over, to the point of exhaustion, only to remain unresolved. You find yourself requesting New Problems, so you can take a break from the older ones!

Moving on, we have her next Party Favorite, a perpetual history of - Unstable Interpersonal Relationships, both business and personal, making constant calamity the World as She sees It.

This is why my BPD has an unstable work history (11 jobs in 15 years of employment), a long line of failed friendships, rooms full of former lovers, a past divorce and a bastard child put up for adoption and then completely forgotten. None of which would she discuss, all of which was the other people's fault.

(Dreamlike State strikes again!), simply Amazing and Obscene!

When you try to get an explanation for all this crapola, she will resort to another one of her Hat Tricks called:

Word Salad, which is related to her Circular Thinking, with the results being nothing! No real answers, just more general confusion, worse than what existed before you asked for an...explanation!

Moving on, we now head into her Soon to be Famous - Impulsive & Risky Behaviors, such as unsafe sex,

drug-alcohol or food addictions, gambling, uncontrolled & detrimental spending, constantly changing life goals, drunk driving, speeding, etc. In the case of my BPD, such Risky Behavior certainly involved falling into random buckets of unwrapped, nameless Dicks, while claiming to be out of town visiting her Sister!

Self Harm, some BPD's will cut themselves to just feel something, anything, because they are reportedly so empty inside, others like my BPD will instead violently hit and slap themselves!

Pathological - Never Ending Lies:

Even when the truth would better serve her, she will still lie, as if it's a Belief System with these BPD folks!

ONLY When she realizes that you absolutely 'Already' know the Truth (and are thereby suspected of trying to entrap her), will she be 'somewhat' honest. However, these extremely rare instances of honesty, are also knee deep in Excuses, Redirects and Counter-Accusations! Absolutely Turd Flinging Monkey - CRAZY!

Trust me, this is no way to live, you have to turn into a Private Detective 100% of the time, just to cover your own ass from the person closest to you! Her Lies are so good (usually containing some element of truth),

that it may take you years to finally realize it's always been the case. Sad but True.

You Won't See - What You're Not Looking For:

So - IF she has you fooled early on, and you're not what's called 'The Naturally Suspicious Type' already, you

will become The Suspicious Type organically, as it's forced upon you, over time.

BPD's are also Thieves, she will steal your money and help herself to your resources, without asking, almost like it's owed to her somehow! My Ex stole from her employers too, not just me or her friends.

They just don't care, it's all about them, to Hell with you and everyone else!

If you find out too late that you're married to one of these Demon Bitches, much less have children by them, honestly, we will pray for you, because you're Screwed, Blued & Tattooed. (Pretty Much Stuck - For Life!)

If she's only your girlfriend at this point, you Must Bail-out Now. Don't be like me and struggle on trying to save the situation, because the love you feel is only in your head, she doesn't give a shit about you, never did.

Meaning, don't stay and keep working to save something that's actually a Bright and Shining Lie!

She could ruin your life, it's just not worth it. I got out pretty light (even though some might disagree), but since I never had children with or married her, I actually DID dodge a whole Firing Squad worth of Bullets. Plan your escape, (one that's geared towards - the best results for you), then throw down your Ninja Smoke Pellet and make a run for it!

The CRAZY - End Game:

* The suicide rate for BPD women is very high (over 10%), higher than that of even Queers & Transsexuals! 

* Their verbal suicide threats (of imagined or real intent) are also off the charts, even if just an attempt at getting attention and making others feel sorry for them. (More Victim-hood Complex, Crapola!)

Finally, I hit the wall one night and told my BPD to "Go Ahead, but do it outside, so you don't turn the whole damn house into a Crime Scene!" She just loved me for that one, but I was sick of hearing it!"

* The occurrence of Domestic Violence, when living with a BPD female is 73% - (which is insanely High)

Why is it so High?

Because one day, her Male counterpart drops their cookies, finally loses it & beats her damn ass!

But, it's also because the incidence of BPD Females being violent themselves is off the Charts too!

Plus, the Domestic Violence initiated by her, involves a higher than normal rate of Homicide, including that

of her own biological children!

* Morbidity (early death caused by stupid actions & risk taking) is 20% higher than non-Crazies!

My BPD constantly had bruises and marks on her, which quite frankly motivated me to let her leave on her own, as a Manufactured Domestic Violence Situation, was a close and present danger! No doubt she would have bashed her own face in with a claw hammer and then blamed it on me, if I had forced her out, so I just waited. Finally, June 28th 2018, a day of almost terminal orgasms, the end came, she left. Thank You God!

After reading about this Extreme Horror, we regret that some readers may have slit their own wrists by now, as they prayed for Death! I warned you it was Bad, I told you she was Super Bonkers. (CRAZY!)

If more than a couple of the these Personality Traits show up with regularity in a relationship with your own Wife, Girlfriend or Random Dick Beater - Run, run - don't look back - Fly Away!

Do Not overlook the various Red Flags & Warning Signs outlined above, especially if several of them are vigorously Fluttering Red Flags! Your very Life, even Your Freedom (Prison), could depend on heeding the data and the warning signs that you've just read!

If a similar situation has happened to you, feel free to contact me. I'm interested in other people's version of these Stand Up Roller Coaster Rides. I'm also available for further info & advice on this Nightmarish Topic.


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