December 6, 2018 ~ update:

Everyone who knows us both, or who reads this site - is aware of the fact that I think Rick Williams is: Nuttier than a Squirrel Turd, Dumber than Dog Shit, Has a Screw Loose (and it's the Main One.) Actually, he's a Fake, Phony & False (Poser) of a person. This Tick Turd has tried to make everyone think that he's a good person, a Minister (probably a scam by-mail ordainment) and overall swell guy...he's NOT.

Rick is so damn stupid, if you told him it was Chilly Outside, he would grab a bowl and a spoon and run out the door

So, here is what happened tonight:

I'm standing next to my Nissan, in the street, in the dark - checking out a low tire on my car.

I then walk back out of the street to the end of my driveway, when a car I've never seen - suddenly slows down and creeps up Gangsta Style.

The Window was down on the passenger side and I hear some Faggy voice (that I didn't recognize) say...

"Hey, Buddy, How's it Going?"... I look into the very dimly lit car, see the outline of a person and approach the passenger window at an angle and while keeping my distance.

"It's Rick Williams" says the Blob in the front seat!

I start laughing vigorously and tell him to "Fuck off" which point he goes Barking Dog Mad and starts cussing, throwing out random comments, calling me a Piece of Shit (well, he should know, since he's definitely one) and just continues to rant about this and that.

Once again, I tell him to "Fuck off" as I turn my phone on with one hand, while keeping the other hidden & holding something special. Let me just say at this point: (If anyone thinks they're going to try and hurt me, they won't believe what happens next.) Anyway, for some reason he blurted out some big dollar figure (somebody else's money, no doubt), something about my Fiancee leaving me (I haven't had one of those for 5 years), something about me being investigated (go ahead) and then a few more claims of my being a Piece of Shit...Blah, blah, blah. Basically, with folks out in their yards, etc...Rick was cussing like a French Whore!

* I think Rick's Plan...was to have me stick my head into the passenger side of his car, leave fingerprints on the inside/outside of the door, then slam his foot down on the gas pedal....thereby, ripping my face, head or neck off...then him claiming afterwards that I was reaching inside the car to assault him, etc...but I never got that close. (This Plan didn't work, since ole Rick could screw up a One Car funeral stuck in traffic!)

* Hey, Rick - Don't make the mistake of thinking everyone is as Stupid as you are!

So, let's address each of these claims of his - one at a time:

The ONLY Piece of Shit in front of my house tonight was Rick Williams.

The comment about "Being Glad My Fiancee Left Me"...(which I can only guess)

was some sort of an attack on my ability to keep a woman around, just made me laugh more!

(I'm happier than a speckled puppy born with two dicks - that she's gone!)

By the way, Numb-nuts...The Ex-Fiancee thing is old, old news!

I took my ring back 5 years ago and finally managed to run her off, as I've already described in our new

'Why You Shouldn't Get Married' topic section, she didn't leave.

I kicked her to the curb many moons ago, when her ass got as big as your fugly wife's!

As far as my Manhood goes: I've laid more Pipe than Exxon and Banged more High-end Gash than you've ever jacked off to. Last I heard, Brain Damaged Rick wasn't even gainfully employed, so let's wait and see what happens, when your wife dumps you, you know - the actual Bread Winner in your household.

I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see that your retarded ass got her an honorable mention in one of my articles!

You'll end up over with Blix Scummins, living in his attic and forced to suck dick in trade for rent.

Nobody likes you Rick (except Blix, after you slob his knob), I bet even your wife doesn't like you, except when you're sucking hers, which is probably bigger than yours! 

Your comment about folks being investigated, shit...I've passed several full Background Checks

(State & Federal), former Law Enforcement Training and even Q-Clearance Level checks.

Rick went on to Yell other comments, but it was just a mixed repeat of what's been addressed here.

Then he slinkered off like the snake he is, probably due to being worried about being on Camera(s)!

Hey Rick, why not slam it in Park and get out, tough guy? You know, there are some folks who would gladly introduce you to Jesus for being a perceived threat. You need to get your head out of your ass and avoid potentially dangerous folks. Plus...No One gives 2 shits about you being a lousy Town Councilman either.

You're a Nobody...Rick, all you'll ever have is what you've got now and that's not very much.

So...Do the World a favor, take my suggestion and - Fuck off!

December 13, 2018 Update:

Apparently, ole Rick 'OBEY Knee pad Bitch' Williams has a less than perfect home life.

As reported to me, by a reliable source (including the comments of his neighbors), the police have been to Rick's place several times over the years. Reports of screaming and yelling coming from his rented home, abound. I'm going to be looking into this further, but have no reason to doubt my sources. Further comments confirm that Rick has no regular means of support, other than his wife. Rumor has it that Rick can't hold a job, most likely because his Hamster Wheel is turning, but the Hamster is dead.

My only remaining question is who is the aggressor in his home life situation. As mentioned above, in my earlier article, one should not bite the hand that literally feeds them! Rick should adjust his tantrums and suspected abuse to someone other than his wife and benefactor, but take me off your list - Fucker.

As I have stated many times before, everything this Crap Head has ever told me was a bald faced lie, everything. Therefore Rick, as I discover more and more about you, I find myself celebrating your system wide failures and ever worsening miserable life - by farting in your general direction.

Rick's existence will continue to deteriorate further, due to his own actions and deservedly so!

Due to the totally obscene level of unalloyed Bullshit, which Rick Williams has become associated with:

We are proud to provide you the opportunity to purchase yet another high quality product by our good friends at Dewalt Anal - (as featured in our Mayor's Corner topic section) of StanfieldPress!

Everyone owning this product - can now guard themselves from the endless river of random Bullshit spewed at them by Town Councilman Rick 'GladHand' Williams, when he comes to within 10 feet.

It is with great fanfare, that we Introduce the all new:  

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This astonishing and extremely high quality Bullshit Meter comes complete and with batteries installed.

This potentially Life Saving new product - even features a convenient wrist watch band, insuring that it will be on your person and ready for immediate deployment against the virtual Tsunami of incoming Crapola that you know to expect from Rick!

But Wait! - there's more!

* For anyone owning this product, who finds themselves embroiled in an 'Extended and Ongoing Session" 

of Rick's Bullshit, we have included a spare battery attachment called "The Quick Dump" - which allows for quick and almost immediate battery replacement, when the previous batteries give up the ghost.

* Yet another Special Feature of our all new Quick Read Bullshit Meter - is that it arrives to you complete with an 'automatic anti-self destruction mode' - which has been installed to protect your investment!

How does this 'automatic' safety feature work?

It's simple, when the level of outrageous Bullshit coming from the center of Rick's face rises to the level of no longer being meterable, the indicator needle will pop off instead of spinning out of control.

Since some of what Rick says 'may include' a sliver of reality, we have added Pre-100% Bullshit readings of TallTale, TallerTale and Get a Shovel.

As you can see, we have even gone so far as having included a TRUE reading, which is only there in cases where Rick is bringing along someone who might actually say something accurate, but it won't be Rick, it'll be the other guy.

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This Highly Advanced Model of our original Quick Read Bullshit Meter, includes yet more Possibles Related Settings and will therefore give additional readings over what is offered by our wrist watch version!


On the Reverse Side of this new AVOID COMPLETELY version, there are settings adjustable to Miles and/or Kilometers, your choice. These settings will obviously alert you to Rick even being in the general area, not just your face or within the Quick Read models 10 foot range limit. While more expensive at $250.00, how can you really put a price on the peace of mind generated by COMPLETELY AVOIDING Rick!

As a BONUS feature - You can Mount this Meter onto any Large object:

Such As:

Your cars hood, bumper or dashboard, your front porch, your front door, a post out in your front yard

or even Your Ass!.....If you're one of the many local married women, who long ago...pulled the pin on the

Fat Grenade!

If you like the idea of sticking this somewhere on your Body, simply ask our staff

to throw in the Butt Cracker Attachment, when you place your order!

When using either of the above offered METERING products, you too can live a life free of Rick's Bullshit!

Rick will then be limited to only speaking to himself.

*Now there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself, the problem is when you ask yourself - Huh? ....which Rick often does, and that's a problem!

For anyone less than 100% convinced that Rick's a raging Moron:

Just catch him out and about (probably humping peoples legs for votes, trespassing, poaching, stealing, lying, renewing his scam by-mail ordainment or doing sketchy political favors) and have a simple conversation with him.

You will discover what I did ~ on so many occasions:

* Him shifting from foot to foot and 'Tweaking' like he's loaded up on some type of pharmaceutical.

* Constantly interrupting with his proclamations of grandeur, even though he's a Pip living off his wife.

* Generally developing a blank look that comes and goes, complete with forgetting to blink.

* Eventually walking off in the middle of the conversation, because his mother board just shorted out.

Prior to him wondering off like an Alzheimer's patient:

Please notice the light bulb above his head and how it fizzles and sputters, fading in and out, while struggling for life, just like a 3 legged cockroach caught in a sticky trap.

As to his reported Dain Brammage:

I understand Rick was damn near Retarded prior to his reportedly being run over by a jet ski!

I can assure you he's acted Super-Extra stupid ever since. Rick should therefore avoid ever getting hit in the head again or he'll make the elderly version of Muhammad Ali look like a brilliant public speaker!

All Rick's big talk about a huge settlement over this jet ski event is bogus, like all of his other bragging.

As far as I can tell, the area of the lake where Rick got his Bell Rung was in fact a 'Commons Area'

meaning = (swim at your own risk, everyone can be there.)

I would therefore suggest, that the guy who ran over him was simply "White Enough" to help with medical costs, assisted by the fact that financed items (Cars, Trucks, Homes, etc) are required by the lender to be insured. That insurance coverage would include Liability, but unless the jet ski was in a restricted area

(verses say a Commons Area), true fault would be hard to prove or at least questionable.

For Example:

I know of 2 people who were hit from behind, mangled and almost killed by an 18 wheeler.

However, when they went to make a right hand turn, they failed to use their turn signal.

The commercial truck driver and his Rig were insured, so medical coverage was available, but just like Rick's situation - no other settlement ever took place and never will, due to the overall circumstances.

The only money Rick has is whatever allowance his wife provides, during his various job losses and unemployment spells, lending further credence to the fact that Rick is a circle walking - mouth breather!

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Seriously People - Tell me this Guy doesn't look like he just parked his windowless van with "Free Candy" painted on the side!

That's Him!

Confucius Say.....

Rick Williams is Stupid Ass Motherfucker!

Some Folks Just Never Learn


This Piece of Shit is Dead...

Totally Dead. He has joined

The Choir Invisible!