Posted - 9/12/2017

Before we get started - take note that I was extremely nice about this abortion, nice to him, nice to his wife, but it got me nowhere, not even an apology for the damage that Ricky Hathcock himself caused!

My Opinion, the Way I Feel about it all and My Side of the Issue, free of embellishment - follows:

Two weeks ago, while minding my own business and trying to get into the house with a handful of groceries, this sketchy looking Fucker starts zig-zagging his way towards me from across my front yard.

I had never seen this Dude before in my life, then he starts talking - "I really like your yellow Corvette, I have always wanted one and would like to buy it" he says..."I have Cash Money" - he says!

"Every Time I come down the street (he lives on my same road), I just wish it was mine, Blah, Blah!"

I tell him I'm not really looking to sell it, but for the right price, I guess I might.

He asks if he can check the car out, I say sure. So, I stand there with my groceries, while he looks it over, answer all his questions and then he goes on to ask what I'll take for it? Well, since I'm not actually trying to sell it, I told him, you need to make an offer, as that is how these things work, but he doesn't give a number, so I say think it over and let me know. He then wonders off and I go inside.

Several days later we end up talking on the phone and he makes a totally retarded offer of $5,000, him obviously having no idea that the 'all original, no body parts ever replaced and never been wrecked' body alone, even with all the glass knocked out, would bring $5,000 out in California, etc.

Then he hits me with - "I have money coming and could buy it by May/June of next coming year (2018!)

In my opinion, this is His first lie to me, verses his original claim that- ("I have Ready Cash to Buy!")

What the Fuck, do I look like a Buy Here-Pay Here Car Lot? I'm not even trying to sell the damn car!

So, I pretty much tell him to bugger off, no damn way for 5k, unless he is going to up his offer considerably, as around $10,000 is more what it's worth.

At that point he asks me if he can come over one more time with a Mechanic Buddy from Hendrick Motorsports (the BIG Foreign, Luxury Car Dealer in Charlotte), so he can decide on a higher offer or not, to which I agreed....this being the ONLY authorized by me follow-up visit, if I was home or not.

During an additional phone call, I answered every imaginable question, along with additional info about the drive train, work done, etc and we leave it at that, until he can bring his Mechanic Buddy over with him. The engine, for example, was rebuilt strong, using quality parts and it has less than 10,000 miles on it and the car has a very desirable 4 speed Rock Crusher Transmission, with a 373 Posi-Trac rear end!

Hell's Bells, the drive train is worth more than $5,000 too!

Come Saturday, his wife sends me a text and asks if I am home and I say No.....However, I didn't mention that I was was almost home, which turned out to be a nasty surprise later for ole Ricky!

So, I get home, take a quick bath and it turns out that Ricky has showed up in the mean time. I go sit down buck naked on my bed with a big fan running to dry off completely and even over the sound of that fan, I hear the unmistakable sound of my Corvette's hood being slammed shut! We're not talking from 3 or 4 inches above the 2 hood locking latches, as it should be closed, but dropped shut from what sounded like wide open, which is why the sound was so loud, loud enough to hear from inside the damn house! 

Ricky's second lie to me was that he didn't do that...Bullshit!

I finish drying off as fast as I can, get dressed and as I open the door, Ricky and a much younger, but full grown Fella (which ended up being his Grandson, according to his wife, NOT his Mechanic Buddy from Hendricks) were pulling away in his white pick up truck.

I 'assumed, since it was Saturday and his Mechanic Buddy was probably off work' that Ricky was coming over with this Mechanic Buddy, as we agreed. A Real Mechanic from Hendricks would know (for example) how to correctly open and close a Corvette's hood, because my model Corvette is very similar to some of the Foreign Car Models like certain Jaguars and Mercedes, etc, that Hendricks sells and services.

Meaning, a Corvette's hood opens from the windshield outwards, not from the front bumper area forward. Corvette hoods of my cars vintage have a locking prong on both the far right and far left side of the hood, to correctly open, you grab the middle of the hood (in line with the internal rear view mirror) and lift up. To correctly shut the hood, you lower it by hand, also gripping it in the same place and drop it from 3-4 inches, that way the locking prongs enter and lock into their recesses evenly and at the same time. Instead, this Dickhead opens it by one side of the hood (not the center) and then drops it closed from one side and obviously (by the loud slamming sound) from way more than the 3-4 inches from which it should be dropped closed.

Because of the obviously incorrect angle of which he closed the hood, it only locked for him on one side, leaving (as he admitted to) the other side of the hood sticking up and then (also admitted to) he went on to Force the unlocked side down! Now the hood is jammed shut and even I (realizing what he did wrong) can't get the hood to unlock and open back up.

To add Injury to Insult, when I pulled on the hood release handle below the steering wheel area to try and pop the hood (same as Ricky would have had to do), the damn handle came off in my hand with about 18 inches of now broken cable dangling from it. A Mechanic from Hendricks would have known better, and he (Ricky Hathcock) had no business opening the hood himself, obviously didn't know how and Never Asked if HE himself could do so! Instead, he very deceitfully showed up with his Grandson, not the professional Mechanic that he claimed would be with him the next time came over. Is this why he was so interested in if I was home or not, even to the point of double checking with neighbors?

I only agreed to him looking over the car 'one more time' with his Mechanic, after all, Ricky openly admitted that he didn't know much at all about Corvettes, so I did not want him messing with it alone.

By the sound of it, the way he was treating the car is not how I would think a serious buyer would be acting. So, was this malicious conduct, the inconsiderate actions of someone who doesn't give a shit or just someone trying to cover their tracks, once they realized they screwed up my car?

Ricky knows damn well (because I told him) that there's a second guy interested in Buying the Car, a guy who agrees it's worth around $10,000. So ole Ricky has screwed things up for me and that guy too!

That sure does make me wonder...Hmmm.

I've had this Corvette since the 1990's and even I have no idea how to fix this issue. Ricky Hathcock knows exactly what he did, but didn't even apologize! He also pulled back the door panel to check a rust spot and now it's boogered up as well! He lied about slamming the hood, which I heard with my own ears, but admitted to forcing it shut on the side that failed to lock into place. The very fact that he had to force it shut is a damn good indication that something is seriously wrong. I told him he should have stopped right then and there and let me know, but remember, he didn't think I was home and was apparently up to no good, showing up instead with some random relative NOT his promised Mechanic Buddy!

So, this apparently Broke Ass Motherfucker, who can't even afford the car right now, has seriously screwed up my vehicle all to Hell and Back, then drives off like nothing happened...seemingly thinking...who cares or will even know, but he was wrong!

If someone had done this to him, he would probably have a blind running fit, but he apparently thinks nothing of doing it to someone else. When I called him about all this, he had the gall to get belligerent enough with me that I had to hang up on him and I ended up back to text messaging with his wife.

Now, if Ricky sends over a professional Mechanic (like he claimed to be bringing with him to begin with) to help fix this mess, I'll make a sincere point to let the world know!

Otherwise, this posting will remain available for all to see, until Jesus comes back, regardless of his threats!

There is no excuse for this situation!

In Fact - 'I say once again' that without the Mechanic with him (as agreed), he shouldn't have even been here! Based on how Ricky Hathcock has conducted himself towards me, damaging my vehicle and then running away (which I would think is some level of a crime, similar to a Hit & Run, resulting in damage), My Current Opinion of Him (which only he can change), is that he is a Goddamn Liar, Vandal and General Purpose SumBitch!

*  Everyone I have spoken to about this so far 100% agrees that only a Raging Asshole would have done this to someone else, leaving that person (without a thought) with what will probably be a multiple $100 Dollar repair bill! A repair bill which could include having to get it towed off to a repair shop, put on a lift and maybe-just maybe the hood released from underneath the car, if even that is possible!

Or...having to somehow remove the hood from the front, twisting it to one side (without ruining the paint job) and maybe, just maybe getting to the locking system that way, but I seriously doubt that would work.

This will be a nightmare anyway you cut it! Thanks Ricky, you beat all I've ever seen Buddy!

Please Note:

Because of the way Ricky Hathcock admits to vigorously forcing the end of the hood down which didn't close correctly and the fact that this is a Fiberglass bodied car and hood that is 44 years old...there is a damn good chance that he has cracked the hood. Plus, because of the nature of how gel coated and then painted fiberglass reacts to such force, that damage may not manifest until months from now after it has expanded and contracted out in the weather!

For the record - I tried very hard to be cool about this!

I even asked Greg Lucas (Thank You Greg), to call Ricky for me and try and interceed with this situation - (Because Ricky Hathcock had referred to his knowing Greg Lucas) as part of his "I'm a Good Guy" sales pitch and introduction efforts the day we first met.

My message, via Greg Lucas to Ricky - was that - if he, Ricky Hathcock would make good on his damage and help, just help get the car fixed, that I would remain nice about things and not say a word.

But, Ricky Hathcock pretty much told me to get stuffed, leaving me with the impression that he's just another Fake, Phony & False Stanfield Christian Type, of which we have many, many, many.

He said, and I quote:

- Unless I can prove he did it, that he would do nothing and blame it on the car being old!  -

What a lousy ShitBird!

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