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Brian Webb

Something You Should Know:

I'm not a mean or hateful person by nature, I'm a live and let live kinda guy.

This website started out as a Campaign tool supporting my run for Town Council several years ago, but temporarily morphed into a 'defense of self' site. That happened, because some of the biggest Dirt-bags I've ever met tried to start rumors about me along with unjustified (Favor  Based) Administrative harassment - all because those individuals did not want to see me win and end up on the Council. I have since politically ripped their faces off!

You see, there are just some things in nature that you don't touch and I'm one of those things!

Today, StanfieldPress is News with Views website. I will continue to point out the issues and corruption that I see!

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Great Quotes

Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God

Benjamin Franklin

* 26 year resident of Stanfield & Friend of the People - but Not those running it.
* I am a Career Insurance Broker. (32 years)
* A Constitutional Conservative.
* A Budgetary Conservative.
* I am against all forms of Public Funds Waste and Corruption.
* I am against all forms of Boss Hog bureaucrats.  
* I wish to Inform and Enlighten my fellow residents.